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Quark Expeditions - Antarctica

Epic Antarctica: Crossing the Circle

An expedition cruise with countless unforgettable moments in Antarctica aboard the Ultramarine

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Epic Antarctica: Crossing the Circle

23 Days

5 Reviews


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A 23-day expedition cruise

5 Reviews

The Trip Highlights

Witness sparkling icebergs and glaciers

Observe Polar wildlife in their natural habitat

Whale watching from your Zodiac

Cross the drake passage

Your Polartours 'Plus' Experience

Experience the chill of a polar plunge

Learn from Polar experts

Your trip is 100% carbon offset

Expedition Parka to take home

Enjoy an epic Antarctic experience as we set sail on the comfortable and spacious Ultramarine from the Falkland Islands to South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula. Become an Antarctic wildlife expert with our experienced polar guides and get to photograph huge albatrosses, millions of seabirds, friendly dolphins and over five different species of penguins. Make the most of this important milestone for any world traveler with a wide range of activities organized on your vessel.

Your ship: Ultramarine

Welcome aboard the Ultramarine! One of the newest cruise ships in the Polar fleet, Ultramarine was designed to go beyond the familiar in polar exploration - to discover new places and immerse you in the best of the region. Equipped with two twin-engine helicopters, it offers robust adventure activities. It features the category’s most spacious suites, breathtaking public spaces, and more outdoor wildlife viewing spaces than other expedition ships of its size. It also features a best-in-class operational range and an innovative mix of sustainability features that exceed all industry standards. … Read more about Ultramarine



Fitness Center

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Lecture Theater


Observation Deck

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Zodiac Fleet


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Gift Shop



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Food & Drinks

*Ultramarine” two dining options. “Balena” is the main restaurant located on Deck 5. “Bistro 487” gives guests an alternative dining option on Deck 7. Both offer a great choice of high-quality international dishes and healthy options. While mealtimes may change due to landings and wildlife encounters, you’ll always be served three meals a day.

In addition, an “early riser’s” breakfast will be offered in Bistro 487, as well as afternoon tea and late-night snacks. There’s also a permanent selection of light snacks available here at all times.

The dress code on the ship is casual, as befits a polar exploration vessel, though some may choose to dress up a little for the Captain’s Welcome Reception.

The well-stocked bar on the ship is open to enjoy with your fellow shipmates in the late morning, afternoon, and evening. Soft drinks, juices, and water are available at no cost, and beer and wine are offered with dinner. A selection of liquors, spirits, and premium beer, wine, and champagne is available and can be charged to your shipboard account.

Ocean Endeavour Falklands and South Georgia
South Georgia & the Falklands
Oceanwide Expeditions Antarctica Basecamp


Majestic Face of Ice from an Iceberg in Torssukatak


Ultramarine Arctic and Antarctic Cruises


Possibly the best was the Walrus colony onshore. Life altering was realising the lagoon we were anchored in was 10 years ago a glacier (Copied from Swoop Arctic)

QuarkExpeditions_ Spitsbergen Photography: In Search of Polar Bears


Ultramarine Arctic and Antarctic Cruises


Beautiful ship, though my cabin did have an weird odour issue. Dinner at night not fantastic. I felt it had been prepared way too early and had been sitting there and heated at the time . Though I could be wrong . My favourite meal was lunch due to fresh salads (copied from Swoop Arctic)

Quark Expeditions - Weddell Seal


Ultramarine Arctic and Antarctic Cruises


That Quark only does the Arctic regions and that they have a brand new state of the art ship, the Ultramarine, made the choice of expedition cruise line easy. Additionally, the itinerary of following the epic expedition of Sir Ernest Shackleton I knew would be very special. Quark exceeded my expectations in every way. The ship’s physical spaces were well designed and comfortable. My penthouse suite had more storage than we needed. Heated bathroom floors, en suite Nespresso machine and the option of room service dining was 5 star! The crew was well trained and gracious. The expedition leaders were outstanding. Shout out to the leader, Solan . The captain made frequent adjustments to maximize our experience. Fitness facilities were very nice. A fully equipped gym, sauna and spa…all with floor to ceiling windows. Finally, the Ship management handled Covid protocols very well. We have had 5 PCR tests and are Covid free! You will have a great experience on the Ultramarine. (Copied from Cruisecritic)



Ultramarine Arctic and Antarctic Cruises


The itinerary, the ship and the world class quark expedition team were expectation exceeding in every way. The Covid measures were so well applied and managed that we are one of the few ships returning home with zero positive cases. I can’t say enough about the team. They were always around helping to spot wildlife, answer a question or deliver an enriching talk on such a wide variety of subjects. I learned an enormous amount on this trip. Makes we want to go again with Quark. And as for Antarctica and South Georgia…well…I’ve run out of superlatives to describe how incredible these wildernesses are. The food and restaurant service could not have been better, friendly staff going out of their way to accommodate some of my special food needs. We did a helicopter sight seeing tour, it was extraordinary to see the glaciers and icebergs from the air. (Copied from Cruisecritic)

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