South American Sea Lion
South American Sea Lion

South American Sea Lion

Visitors to Ushuaia and the Falklands should look out for these iconic creatures

Our Expert Says… "These really are impressively large creatures! There's a sea lion colony close to the docks in Ushuaia, and that's a great trip to make before embarking on your Antarctic cruise or on your return. Visiting the breeding colonies on the Falklands is a definite highlight of your visit there."

South American Sea Lions are also sometimes known as Patagonian Sea Lions or simply the Southern Sea Lion. Some Spanish-speaking areas refer to them as lobo marino - Sea Wolf.

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South American Sea Lion

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Bleaker Island

Bleaker Island (known as Isla Maria in Spanish) has had at least 3 changes of the name since the Falkland Islands were first discovered and colonized. It was first named Long Island - a rather unimaginative title because that’s what it is, long and thin. Its name was changed to Breaker Island and it appeared like this on maps and charts until 1859, when a new chart was published with the name changed to Bleaker. What was probably a printing error has stuck ever since! There was evidence that sealers had been using Bleaker Island as a base, but there was no permanent settlement attempted until 1880 when a house was built and a sheep farm set up. The island has been used for rearing ship ever since, and now has some cattle as well. It’s run as an organic farm and tourist destination, with stewardship of the land to allow both commercial farming and wildlife preservation at its heart. A formally-designated Important Bird Area (or IBA), Bleaker Island is home to a large breeding colony of Imperial Cormorants more than 16,000 strong. Other species to be found here include Gentoo penguins who nest on the appropriately-named Penguin Hill above Sandy Bay. There are also Southern Rockhopper penguins to be found near Long Gulch and Magellanic penguin burrows are widespread. There are also many smaller bird species here, including Falklands grass wrens and pipits, black-chinned siskins, and dark-faced ground-tyrants. There are also some birds of prey including southern caracaras.

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