Brown or Antarctic Skua
brown skua

Brown or Antarctic Skua

A heavyweight skua that muscles in on other species' food!

Our Expert Says… "Like many opportunistic species, skuas show intelligence in their behaviors. They look out for inexperienced penguin parents who may be squabbling over nesting stones and grab eggs while they are distracted. Although creching helps protect the older penguin chicks, again skuas have been seen deliberately chasing the creche, looking for any chicks that are weak or injured that they can pick off."

The Brown Skua is also known as the Antarctic Skua, Subantarctic skua, or Falklands Skua! There is some controversy among naturalists about whether these are distinct species or not, but as the debate is very technical and rather scientific we will just leave them to it and talk about this commonly-encountered Antarctic bird.

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brown skua

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