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How do you choose the right Antarctic or Arctic Cruise?

With more than 25 specialist cruise ships and over 100 different polar routes to choose from, we understand only too well how difficult it can be to find the perfect exploration cruise. As adventure travel specialists, we realised that the choice was overwhelming for those unfamiliar with these amazing destinations. That’s why Polartours.com has built one of the most extensive and detailed databases of expedition vessels that offer cruises to the Arctic and Antarctica. We know that booking a dream adventure to one of the most breathtaking regions on the planet is a significant commitment, and that’s why we always strive to offer you the best customer service in the industry. Thanks to our team of Arctic and Antarctic cruise experts, we can provide you with inside knowledge on all the ships, their routes, and their crews. All of us are passionate about sustainable tourism to Antarctica and the Arctic. Because each vessel and route caters to different clientele, we strive to understand what you are looking for as part of our personalised service. We then do our very best to match you with the ships and routes that meet your ideals, considering your interests, fitness levels, and budget.

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What our customers say

Deanna Rieden

May 2022

First Class Ship

This was the trip of a lifetime. Our final continent. Once we arrived in Punta Arenas, we were met at the airport by Paula from Aurora who took us to hotel. My baggage was lost by airline and she gave me a coat to wear immediately. Shout out to Paula and Michael for tracking my Luggage. Once we transferred to Antarctica we were met by ship crew with drinks and smiles. The week was packed with excursions and amazing information presented by scientists in different aspects of expertise. The ship staff was friendly, personable making the trip an amazing adventure. The fly and cruise is the way to go!

Marion K

May 2022

First Class Ship

It was an AMAZING journey through one of the most spectacular landscapes I have ever scene (if not the most). The boat was top of the line, the professional crew incredibly professional, knowledgeable and fun to hang out with. The service crew took well care of us during all the journey. The kayak pack is specially recommended and if you are lucky you will also a face to face hunch whale experience you will remember as your top wildlife adventure for life (copied from Trip Advisor)

Doug Beham

May 2022

First Class Ship

Couldn't be better! This company checks all the boxes: well-planned expeditions, pristine ship, and skilled & courteous service from all the employees. Best cruise company I have traveled with by far. (Copied from Google)

Cristian Coudeu

May 2022

First Class Ship

Impressive trip, a beautiful destination that thanks to A21 becomes unforgettable. The concern for every detail, the professional level of the team, the joy with which they do their work make this experience something unique. Discovering Antarctica with A21 is a dream that we should all have. (copied from Trip Advisor)

Till K

April 2022

First Class Ship

We booked the 2.5 week trip incl. Antarctic peninsula and South Georgia. We received good information on clothing, recommended literature, itinerary etc. previously. The one night in Punta Arenas extended due to fog around the antarctic landing strip to three days, with an OK emergency program. The difficulty to get to Antarctica shows that it a somehow adventurous place and not normal tourism. Once arrived on board, we were welcomed nicely and shown the beautiful new vessel, the Magellan Explorer. The expedition staff and the crew are very friendly and professional. The cabins and excellent, all have balconies, mini bars are refilled all the time. Food on boards in really good and varied every day. Wine is OK. The expeditions are what you came for. Protocols are very strict, in order to protect wild life. Whats you see is totally amazing, in Antarctica the icebergs and white sceneries, later on in South Georgia the immense amount of king penguins, seals with puppies, etc. During the days of pure navigation, you can spot whales, albatrosses etc., and get very interesting lectures of Antarctic related topics (history, political situation, animals, etc.). Lecturers are excellent professionals, some are also funny. What could be improved? On our specific trip, the three days lost in the beginning were cut off just from the Antarctic peninsula part of the trip, nothing from South Georgia. Could have been more balanced. And in general, on zodiac tours without landing, people could be grouped by interest (photographers have other needs than the rest, some older people get cold earlier than some younger, etc.). Overall… a trip of the lifetime. I intend to do the pure Antarctic trip with the same company and the same vessel. (Copied from Trip Advisor)

We make booking your Arctic or Antarctic Cruise easy

A Polartours cruise is a perfect way to see the breathtaking polar regions, either the Arctic or the Antarctic. From the rugged beauty of the rocky coasts to the stunning sight of towering icebergs and vast fields of ice to the remarkable wildlife that has adapted to life at the very ends of the Earth, our polar cruises will bring you closer than you could have imagined. We have built an expert-curated database of the best Arctic and Antarctic cruises currently available. To help you plan your perfect adventure, our unique system lets you find the ideal cruise by available dates, cruise length, price - or even by the wildlife or visitor sites you could see. At last, you can find your dream adventure cruise in just a few simple steps. Whether you choose an arctic cruise or an Antarctic cruise, all our vessels are operated to the highest standards and were built as specialized polar ships. The crews are all experienced polar sailors, and each ship is also staffed by a range of experts to help you get the most from your adventure. As well as a series of stimulating daily lectures and talks, your guides will take you on stunning zodiac cruises among icebergs and to glacier faces. You’ll also get to step ashore on the Antarctic continent or set foot on remote islands well above the Arctic circle. Returning to your ship you will be able to relive your experiences with like-minded fellow explorers, all the while enjoying the comfort and amenities of a luxurious cruise vessel. Because a polar adventure is high on many “bucket lists” and there are only a few vessels that embark on these remarkable adventures each year, arctic and antarctic cruises can be booked out months - even years- in advance. That’s why we recommend you plan your polar adventure as far in advance as possible. If you’re ready to find out more, why not browse through our comprehensive cruise database or call one of our friendly and knowledgeable Polartours experts today to find the perfect Antarctic or Arctic cruise for you.

Who is Polartours

Polartours is a booking portal specialized on expedition cruises to the Antarctica and the Arctic. Our vision is to become the world's leading reference for cruises in the Arctic and Antarctic.

To get there, we are building an extensive knowledge database on all regions, destinations and highlights of our world's polar regions. We put a big effort into understanding the underlying ideas and philosophy of each route and each ship and care a great deal about sustainable tourism. Ask us anything, we’ll be thrilled to help!

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