Kelp Goose
Kelp Goose

Kelp Goose

Easy to spot among the rocks of the Falklands as they forage among the seaweed

Our Expert Says… "The coloring of the males and females is so diverse that they are often mistaken as separate species when seen together! As well as common in the Falklands, they can also be seen in Ushuaia and are a highlight species for most visitors."

Kelp geese are found in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, as well as a slightly larger sub-species on the Falkland Islands. As the name suggests, the Kelp Goose is a specialist feeder - in fact, it eats nothing but seaweed. Birds on the mainland have been known to travel long distances along the South American coast to find it, whereas the Falklands sub-species is resident there all year round.

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Kelp Goose

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