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Kapitan Khlenikov

Kapitan Khlebnikov Arctic Cruises

A polar-class icebreaker combining power and technology with comfort

A polar cruise on board the Kapitan Khlebnikov

Kapitan Khlenikov
Kapitan Khlebnikov
Kapitan Khlenikov

Welcome aboard the Kapitan Khlebnikov! The Kapitan Khlebnikov was constructed in 1981 by the Warstsila Company, Finland, the world’s leading builder of icebreakers. Not simply an ice-reinforced ship, the Khlebnikov is a powerful working icebreaker designed for the challenging conditions of frozen polar seas. The Khlebnikov was refurbished to accommodate passengers in 54 outside cabins and suites, all with en suite facilities. Cabins are spacious and comfortable. Public areas include a lounge, two dining rooms, a digitally equipped lecture room, a small heated indoor pool and gymnasium, library, and sauna. Views are excellent from the bridge and large open decks. In addition to its fleet of Zodiacs, the Khlebnikov uses two helicopters for ice reconnaissance and passenger excursions.

Amenities on board the Kapitan Khlebnikov


Fitness Center


Expedition Parka


Lecture Theater

swimming pool


zodiac fleet

Zodiac Fleet


Observation Lounge


Gift Shop



doctor's suitcase

Medical Services




Open Bridge Policy

Food & Drinks on board the Kapitan Khlebnikov

There are two dining rooms located on Deck 4, with an additional dining area in the lounge on Deck 5. If there is one constant at sea, it is that you’ll enjoy delicious meals on a daily basis. While meal times may change due to landings and wildlife encounters, you’ll always be served three meals a day. Hours of operation will be posted around the ship, and are subject to change based on the activities planned for each day.

There is one seating for all passengers at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The dining room has an open seating policy.

Assortments of fresh-baked cookies and/or pastries are offered each afternoon. There is also a selection of hot and cold snacks available in the lounge during cocktail hour, expedition activities permitting.

The dress code on the ship is casual, though some may choose to dress up a little for the Captain’s Welcome Reception.

The well-stocked bar on the ship is open to enjoy with your fellow shipmates in the late morning, afternoon, and evening. Soft drinks, juices, and water are available at no cost, and beer and wine are offered with dinner. A selection of liquors, spirits, and premium beer, wine, and champagne is available and can be charged to your shipboard account.

Kapitan Khlebnikov's take on sustainable traveling

Foremost among our sustainability goals are actively reducing the impact and emission of our vessels, investing in new technology, and continuously improving our existing resources. We have also installed a new low-emission engine in our veteran vessel, Ortelius. This engine complies with all the latest environmental legislation. Another of our important commitments to sustainability is our use of low-sulfur marine gas oil (LSMGO), which has a sulfur content of less than 0.1 percent.\n\nWe limit onboard waste production by recycling as often as we can as well as banning single-use plastics. This ship does not use straws, plastic cups, or any individually wrapped butter, yogurt, and jam. This vessel has a water treatment system and desalination system that uses reverse osmosis, allowing us to eliminate the use of plastic water bottles on board. Rather, guests receive a reusable water bottle they can refill on the vessel. Bathrooms are equipped with biodegradable shampoo and soap in recycled packing, further limiting our use of plastics.

Cabin Categories on board the Kapitan Khlebnikov

Kapitan twin cabin
Twin Cabin



Max. occupancy:


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Kapitan triple
Triple Cabin



Max. occupancy:


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Kapitan suite


Double/Matrimionial + Sofabed

Max. occupancy:


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kapitan corner suite
Corner Suite


Double/Matrimionial + Sofabed

Max. occupancy:


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More info about the Kapitan Khlebnikov

Small Ship
Main Engines
Diesel-Electric Engines, 24,000 horsepower
122.5 meters
Crew members
Cruising speed
15 knots
4 Lifeboats fully enclosed
8.5 meters
Year built

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Welcome aboard the Ushuaia, a charming expedition cruise ship built for an unforgettable adventure in the Antarctic. This intimate cruise ship comfortably accommodates 90 passengers. Originally made for the United States agency NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration), the Ushuaia is a class 1C polar vessel, constructed with expedition in mind. This cruise ship offers plenty of deck space and a unique open bridge policy, where the Ushuaia officers encourage each passenger to observe the navigational operations of the ship. During your Ushuaia Antarctic cruise, a specialist team of international expedition leaders guide you through each excursion with knowledge, passion, and great care for the environment. Take advantage of the amazing wildlife and spectacular scenery on an Ushuaia Antarctic cruise. The Ushaia cabins are comfortable and roomy, equipped with ample storage space. Your friendly stewardess will make your cabin every morning with your preferences in mind. With the options of suite, premier twin, and standard cabins, the Ushuaia is built to suit a range of comfort levels. The public areas abroad the Ushuaia feature a large dining room that seats all 90 passengers, an inviting observation lounge, a lecture theater with modern multimedia equipment, a fully-stocked bar, and a library which features a great selection of international titles, with an emphasis on reference material essential to your Antarctic voyage. A variety of games, including playing cards and board games, are also at your disposal. To guarantee an eventful cruise aboard the Ushuaia, your trip will be directed by a crew of Expedition Leaders, staff assistants, zodiac drivers, and lecturers. These hand-picked knowledgeable crew members will accompany you throughout the duration of your Ushuaia Antarctic expedition. They are responsible for leading safe and exciting shore excursions and giving interesting lectures on the incredible Antarctic flora and fauna. The Ushuaia Expedition Team will brief you daily about the following day’s expedition during an informal cocktail hour. The Ushuaia carries a full fleet of zodiacs, that can accommodate up to 12 passengers, allowing you to explore some of Antarctica’s most unique and otherwise inaccessible regions. Get ready for numerous wildlife sighting opportunities!

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