South of the Polar Circle

South of the Polar Circle

Crossing this imaginary line means you have become a true Antarctic Explorer

The Polar Circles are two imaginary lines in the northern and southern hemispheres that denote where the Arctic and Antarctic begin.

For us, everything south of our polar circle is Antarctica. There are actually very few bases or scientific stations inside the southern polar circle as the ice conditions make getting personnel and equipment in and out difficult by ship and treacherous or impossible by air.

However, Argentina and the UK do manage to maintain permanent stations in Marguerite Bay, and Chile has a summer station at the bay entrance. This bay is below the polar circle, and your ship will do its best to cross the “line” here by sailing beyond the Biscoe Islands towards the bay if sea and ice conditions permit.

It’s a moment to celebrate, and perhaps to reflect on the lives lost in the human endeavor to explore every part of our world and to understand it for the benefit of future generations.

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Only a few expedition cruises actually venture across the polar circle. By doing so, you will have joined a very select group of world explorers and adventurers. Time to raise a glass!

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