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Antarctica & Arctic Mid Range Cruises

A selection of the best mid-range Polartours cruises

A selection of the best economic cruises in the Arctic and Antarctic

It is always a rugged experience visiting the Arctic or Antarctic and some adventurous people do not mind going without a few frills to be able to enjoy an affordable budget polar cruise.

Why book a mid-range Arctic or Antarctic cruise with Polartours.com?

Aurora Expeditions Greg Mortimer Wild Antarctica

We are the experts and have all the best polar cruise ships and polar expeditions on our portal, so why not snag yourself a bargain?

All the ships in our listings are hand-picked to ensure you only get the best in the fleet, no matter what class of cruise you select, from budget and mid-range polar cruises all the way up to Luxury experiences. We personally visit every vessel and speak to every captain or owner, and we only list those we know will give you a wonderful Arctic or Antarctic experience.

Some of the vessels in the mid-range category are beautiful, repurposed historic ships, such as a scientific investigation ship or a herring lugger – which naturally meet and surpass all the safety standards after the refit!

Since we are a German travel company, our operations are subject to German and EU laws. This means your deposit, balance payment and entire holiday booking are completely safe and you have peace of mind. In the unlikely event your polar tour cannot take place through no fault of your own, your investment is perfectly safe. Furthermore, we have the most comprehensive and detailed listings of polar cruises and expeditions to suit any budget. We also have expert polar travel advisors on hand to help you every step of the way. Why not call or schedule a video call with us now? We can start to help you put together a wonderful budget polar tour of a lifetime.

What can you expect on a mid-range polar tour cruise expedition?

Aurora Expeditions Greg Mortimer Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica Peninsula

Some of our most exciting polar expeditions are on very small vessels that can thus get closer to the action and even, in some cases, break up the pack ice to explore remote regions. You will feel like a true Polar explorer on the smallest ships, for example, which only accommodate up to sixteen guests. Cabin space can be basic on these small-ship Arctic and Antarctic expedition cruises, but as an adventurer, you won’t mind that. In all cases cabins are clean, comfortable and well-organized, if somewhat smaller than on first-class and luxury polar cruises. The viewing decks of these small polar expedition ships are likely to be very exposed and there will not be large lounge or dining areas. Your meals will be of a good quality but will tend to be simpler fare than on a first-class or luxury polar cruise.

If you are lucky enough to find a space on a small-ship mid-range polar tour, you will have very close contact with the staff. There will be expert guides and naturalists on board to give you unique insights and answer all your questions. Fellow passengers are likely to be younger on a mid-range polar tour than on the more expensive luxury or first-class polar cruises, so you can expect a great on-board vibe. Itineraries in this range tend to be 8 to 11-day trips. Mid-range polar cruises will still visit all the highlights, just like on more luxurious polar cruises, so your experiences will not be limited – only your space and time will be. There may also be fewer facilities, such as less available power outlets and limited – or even no – WiFi. So, it’s time for a digital detox. Get yourself a mid-range Polar tour and let the adventure begin!

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