Minke Whale
Minke Whale

Minke Whale

One of the smallest of the whales, you may be lucky to find one bow-riding your Zodiac!

Our Expert Says… "When I'm guiding I let people know about the Minke whale's habit of surfacing two or three times before diving deep to feed. If you see one come to the surface, keep looking - you'll likely get another one or two opportunities for a good sighting and a photo. They are untroubled by the Zodiacs and you can often find yourself among them as they take a break before the next feeding dive."

Minke whales are divided into two species - the common minke whale (also known as the northern minke whale) and the Antarctic minke whale (sometimes called the southern minke whale). The name is of Norwegian origin and possibly relates to a whaler called Meincke, although this isn’t certain.

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Minke Whale

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