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Cooper Bay

Sea birds, penguins and seals all thrive in this protected area

Cooper Bay is a small inlet containing Cooper Island off the southeast end of South Georgia island. It was first mapped and named by Captain Cook’s 1775 expedition. From this small bay, you will get a commanding view of Cooper Island itself whose 1,300ft summit is always above the snowline, giving some stunning polar vistas even in the height of Antarctic summer.

Cooper Island is heavily protected for wildlife as it’s one of the only places in South Georgia without a rat population. This means it’s a haven for antarctic bird species who love to nest in the tussac grass that covers the island. It’s also home to a large population of fur seals who were never hunted and who have therefore continued to breed and live here undisturbed.

As well as seals, from Cooper bay you can watch black-browed albatross wheeling serenely above the waves and returning to their 20,000 plus colony, as well as Antarctic prions and snow petrels hunting for food. You may well also spot macaroni penguins who also live here in large numbers.

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Interesting facts about Cooper Bay

About 20,000 Macaroni penguins live on Cooper Island, fishing in the waters of Cooper Bay. The black-browed albatross colony here is an important site, as numbers of this large bird have fallen by over 60% in the last 60 years.

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