St. Andrew's Bay

St. Andrew's Bay

Where hundreds of thousands of king penguins beneath stunning mountains

Saint Andrews Bay (more usually abbreviated to St Andrews) is a bay on the eastern shore of South Georgia, part of the British Terriroty of South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands.

This 2-mile wide bay is overlooked by Mount Skittle, an impressive 1,600ft rocky mountain that forms the northernmst point of the bay itself.

The use of Saint Andrews as the name for the bay can only be traced back to the early 20th century, but it’s highly likely that the first people to sight and map it were the British expedition led by Captain Cook in 1775.

St. Andrews Bay is renowned for its huge breeding colony of king penguins, thought to be over 150,000 strong. The sights and sounds of so many birds together is not to be missed!

Fur seals and southern elephant seals are also frequently seen here, both in the water and hauled up on the shores. The rugged, rocky backdrop to the bay makes for some stunning photographs, and really evokes the remoteness of South Georgia.

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Interesting facts about St. Andrew's Bay

The king penguin breeding cycle is among the longest of all penguins. Because of this, the huge colony at Saint Andrews Bay is occupied throughout the year, guaranteeing you a remarkable wildlife spectacle no matter when you visit.

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