Fin Whale
Fin Whale

Fin Whale

One of the world's giants, known for their remarkable speed through the water

Our Expert Says… "We don't tend to see Fin Whales in the Antarctic itself, but they are a real highlight on the way in and out of the area, as they tend to prefer the edge of the continental shelf. We've had many close encounters where fin whales have come close to ships and have rather easily overtaken them in order to feed on prey ahead of us!"

The fin whale is second in size only to the blue whale and is one of the world’s largest creatures. Also known as the finback whale, and formerly the razorback whale, they can grow up to 27m (90ft) long and weigh in at 72 tons. They are found throughout the Atlantic ocean and at both polar regions, although northerly fin whales are smaller and lighter than the southern ocean population.

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Fin Whale

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