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The Ushuaia Antarctic Cruises

Classic South Georgia Expedition

Expedition cruise to the Falkland Islands (Malvinas), South Georgia, Antarctic Peninsula & South Shetland Islands aboard the Ushuaia

From: USD 9,990

Classic South Georgia

22 Days

8 Reviews


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A 22-day expedition cruise

8 Reviews

The Trip Highlights

Step a foot on the 7th continent

Witness Antarctic Wildlife

Watch penguins in South Georgia

Learn about the rich history in the Falkland Islands

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MS Ushuaia is built for Antarctica

South Georgia offers a spectacular scenery, outstanding wildlife, history of human endeavor and is at the same time such a remote island group, that a visit turns into a real privilege.

It is easy to think "small" with islands, but South Georgia is something very different. The mountain ranges offer a beguiling landscape. There are sheltered valleys with meltwater streams, tussac grass covered moraines with close-up wildlife. Glaciers cover the mountains and even huge tabular icebergs from the shelves of the far south thump along South Georgia´s weather shore to become features of its great landscape. Come and join us to explore all the facets South Georgia has to offer.

In spring one of the highlights is certainly watching elephant seals giving birth on the beaches of South Georgia. In October, we will not only witness these touching moments but also be able to observe, how the cows get to know their pups by vocalization and checking out their particular scent by caressing and sniffing them for up to 30 minutes before nurturing them for the first time. Big elephant seal bulls will be most active defending their harems. There will be bull fighting on the beaches and breathtaking moments are almost guaranteed.

King Penguins are of course also around. As this species has an odd breeding cycle of 14 months, there are always huge groups of King Penguins involved in the breeding process no matter when one arrives at South Georgia. With a little luck we will be spotting the first Macaroni Penguins arriving at South Georgia. Red eyes and golden crests make these little, 28-inch birds quite spectacular. Their efforts at leaping out of angry seas onto slippery, rocky ledges and then climbing high up a dauntingly steep hillside with stumpy bright pink legs will fill us with admiration for their tenacity.

Black-browed Albatross, Grey-headed and Light-mantled Sooty Albatross are also tending to their nests. The Wandering Albatross has been breeding since the previous year, so the chicks are sitting on the nest and waiting for their parents to come in and feed them. The most important breeding site for Wandering Albatross, Prion Island, will be hopefully open for visitation at this time of year.

Your ship: Ushuaia

Welcome aboard the Ushuaia, a charming expedition cruise ship built for an unforgettable adventure in the Antarctic. This intimate cruise ship comfortably accommodates 90 passengers. Originally made for the United States agency NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration), the Ushuaia is a class 1C polar vessel, constructed with expedition in mind. This cruise ship offers plenty of deck space and a unique open bridge policy, where the Ushuaia officers encourage each passenger to observe the navigational operations of the ship. During your Ushuaia Antarctic cruise, a specialist team of … Read more about Ushuaia



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Ushuaia Cruise Ship
Ushuaia Cruise Ship
Ushuaia Cruise Ship


Tim Duffy

Ushuaia Antarctica Cruises


Antarctica was great, the team on the boat were excellent, helpful and resourceful. All very accommodating setting up and throughout the journey. (copied from Swoop Antarctica)

Barbara- California

Ushuaia Antarctica Cruises


We were so pleasantly surprised by this cruise. None of us knew what to expect...but we were blown away! We had a triple cabin and it did not have bunk beds which made us soooooo happy. We also had a private bathroom and space so we were really pleased with the room. (Copied from Swoop Antarctica)

Linda- Illinois

Ushuaia Antarctica Cruises


I loved that the Ushuaia was small and intimate. The staff was great and it had a good vibe to it- definitely the right ship for us. I would recommend this ship to those who truly want an expedition, truly wanting to experience Antarctica. (Copied from Swoop Antarctica)

Ken- Florida

Ushuaia Antarctica Cruises


Everything about the trip to the Peninsula aboard the MV Ushuaia was wonderful. The ship, crew, staff, and especially the expedition leaders were great. They really took care of us all and ensured that we all had the journey of a lifetime. (Copied from Swoop Antarctica)

Jennifer- UK

Ushuaia Antarctica Cruises


Every single member of staff enriched my stay and it far exceeded my expectations. I can't speak highly enough of the whole trip.

Ruth- UK

Ushuaia Antarctica Cruises


VERY satisfied. I loved the size of the ship- not huge as to make it feel impersonal. Perfect! Food was very good. Staff were tremendous. (Copied from Swoop Antarctica)

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