Ocean Endeavour Antarctica Peninsula Photos

Journey to the Circle

Embark on a journey far south to the Antarctic Circle aboard the Ocean Endeavour

Journey to the Circle
A 14-day long expedition cruise
Mid Range Ship

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A 14-day long Cruise

Mid Range Ship
The Trip Highlights

Venture further south than most have traveled!

Cross the Drake Passage and spot whales

Immense icebergs and glaciers

Hiking on the white continent

Your Polartours 'Plus' Experience

Venture further south than most Antarctic Cruises

Learn from Polar experts

Your trip is 100% carbon offset

Included wellness classes like Yoga

Follow in the footsteps of Captain James Cook as we set sail aboard the comfortable and exciting Ocean Endeavour to venture south to a place very few have journeyed; the Antarctic Circle, latitude 66° 33’. Feast your eyes at the ice capped mountain ranges, explore by zodiac bays filled with immense icebergs and glaciers carved by Antarctica’s rugged environment. Cross into the circle to the home of the midnight sun and an area rich with wildlife. Here the Weddell Seal takes center stage in addition to vast colonies of penguins and sea birds. You may even see humpback whales and minke whales feed on the krill-rich waters.

By crossing the Antarctic Circle, you will join a lucky group of people not only have been to Antarctica but ventured into a region rarely visited.

Your ship: Ocean Endeavour

The Ocean Endeavour is a breath of fresh air compared to some of the Antarctic cruise ships of old and it’s quickly become one of our favorites thanks to the things they do differently on board.

Firstly, the Ocean Endeavour provides a class-leading ratio of 1 crew member per 8 passengers, giving you a more personal, informative, and comfortable Antarctic adventure.

The ship also features a focus on health and wellness. The onboard spa, gym, and sauna are overseen by the ship’s health and wellness expert, and there is a dedicated medical center with a permanent onboard doctor and paramedi … Read more about Ocean Endeavour



Fitness Center



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Observation Deck

swimming pool


zodiac fleet

Zodiac Fleet




Observation Lounge

hot tub

Hot Tub


Gift Shop



doctor's suitcase

Medical Services

Food & Drinks

Like everything else about Ocean Endeavour, mealtimes are all about enjoyment, relaxation, and learning. Enjoy open-seating meals in the roomy Polaris Restaurant, surrounded by ocean views, while the expert guides and crew happily mingle and share their expertise with you.

Breakfast and lunch include a wide variety of tasty and healthy choices. Globally inspired à la carte suppers to offer options to suit every taste, including fish and vegetarian options. Desserts, made fresh daily, are a highlight! Food allergies, special diets, and personal choices can all be accommodated by our skilled chefs with advance notice.

Early-bird breakfast, afternoon tea, late-night snacks, and treats round out the offerings. And tea, coffee, and cookies are always freely available.

Ocean Endeavour Falklands and South Georgia
Ocean Endeavour Falklands and South Georgia
Ocean Endeavour Antarctica Peninsula Photos
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