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Dans le domaine de l'ours polaire et de la glace

Observez les ours polaires lors de cette croisière d'expédition inoubliable à bord du Hondius Antarctic and Arctic Cruises.

Dès 4 618 EUR

In the realm of Polar Bear & Ice

10 jours

9 Critiques

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Une croisière d'expédition de 10 jours

9 Critiques

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Les points forts du voyage

Observez les animaux sauvages emblématiques de l'Arctique

Visite de glaciers et d'icebergs spectaculaires

Arrêt aux sept îles

Photographier les magnifiques oiseaux marins de l'Arctique

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Prenez part à une expérience arctique unique que peu de gens ont l'occasion de vivre dans leur vie, alors que nous nous aventurons à travers les différentes îles du Spitzberg. L'Arctique vous enchantera avec ses paysages à couper le souffle, ses pics enneigés et ses icebergs imposants. Grimpez sur un glacier étincelant et profitez d'un voyage sur votre Zodiac pour photographier la plus belle faune polaire. Partez à la recherche d'ours polaires et profitez au maximum de votre expérience de croisière grâce à un large éventail d'activités disponibles sur votre Zodiac.

Votre navire : Hondius

We are proud to welcome you aboard Hondius, the world's first Polar Class 6 vessel. Purpose-built for demanding Antarctic exploration, Hondius meets the latest and highest Lloyd’s Register standards for ice-strengthened cruise ships.

Built to exceed the Polar Code requirements adopted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Hondius is the most flexible, advanced, innovative Antarctic cruise vessel currently operating. Her modern design allows you to enjoy genuine exploration that will bring you closer to the real Antarctic than ever before.

Huge expense and technical skill ha … Plus d'informations sur Hondius



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QuarkExpeditions_ Spitsbergen Photography: In Search of Polar Bears
QuarkExpeditions_ Spitsbergen Photography: In Search of Polar Bears
QuarkExpeditions_ Spitsbergen Explorer


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Hondius Antarctic and Arctic Cruises

Première Classe

The trip of a lifetime. The ship and it's crew were wonderful and we all became one big happy family on a joyous adventure. This trip was worth the wait and all the extra testing and paperwork due to Covid-19 restrictions. The ship was the perfect size and well appointed. Excursions and lectures were well orchestrated and fun. The meals were well prepared and there was always plenty of choices for even the pickiest of diners. Getting to know the other intrepid travelers on this journey really helped to make this a truly unforgettable experience. The only question now is .. where to next? (Copied from Oceanwide Expeditions)


Hondius Antarctic and Arctic Cruises

Première Classe

I booked this trip for ice pack and polar bears. And my expectations were fully met. The ship is so silent, as they say, "not luxurious" and right to the type of destination and expedition from all point of view. Itinerary pleasantly disrupted by ice and bears. Staff very nice and knowledgeable. Bridge open most times. Very quiet and special over there on deck 7. I advice to choose cabins on deck 6 with superior cabins, especially for fantastic windows size. (Copied from Oceanwide Expeditions)

Claire Torrey

Hondius Antarctic and Arctic Cruises

Première Classe

We had an amazing experience in the Antarctic Peninsula aboard the Hondius. The Expedition Team, led by the wonderful Sara, worked to make sure that we encountered wildlife up close as much as possible. The team was comprised of friendly people with varied backgrounds and knowledge and a passion for their work. They're enthusiasm and professionalism really made the trip extra special. The ship was beautiful, spacious, clean, and the crew was very attentive. The food was wonderful and plentiful, even for vegetarians. I highly recommend Oceanwide Expediitions and we plan to take future trips to the Arctic and Alaska. (Copied from Oceanwide Expeditions)

Pedro José Cermeño Parra

Hondius Antarctic and Arctic Cruises

Première Classe

Great trip, the best landscape I have ever seen and kayaking was really amazing! (Copied from Oceanwide Expeditions)

Gabor D

Hondius Antarctic and Arctic Cruises

Première Classe

Hondius is running its first season which could have been a double-edged sword having huge potential without the experience to fulfill the promise... Well, the ship and crew went beyond our expectations on several fronts. The ship is incredibly silent, no engine noise even in economy cabins, very stable running smoothly in choppy sea conditions. The plan was to circumnavigate the archipelago, but ice conditions blocked 10 % of the perimeter of Svalbard. Instead of saying that we cannot follow the original itinerary and shortening our journey, Hondius took us to the limits of the ice block from the north and also from the south basically doubling the length of the originally planned route. Members of the expedition team pushed themselves very hard to make the journey unforgettable and safe. We encountered polar bears, males, females with cubs, on the ice , on shore and swimming close to the ship. Zodiac cruises and hikes provided sightings of arctic foxes, incredible birdlife, and a colony of walruses among others. The crew on the ship is very efficient in finding and preserving wildlife, the ship is perfect for navigating through the ice to maximize chances for good photography and videos, such a silent ice breaker helped us to enjoy blue and fin whales. Being an expedition ship, the food compared favourably to big cruise ships according to my experience. With one or two exceptions, lectures were enjoyable and informative, most of us felt that we really learned something. Rafael, the expedition leader is probably the most knowledgeable person on arctic matters I had the privilege to meet thus far, and his charisma was helped effectively by other guides to keep the behaviour of multinational passengers in accord with the wildlife around us. One needs to be patient when waiting for the zodiacs fully dressed (140 people takes time to board), but overall we had a highly enjoyable and memorable trip. (Copied from Liveaboard)

Anca Kooiman

Hondius Antarctic and Arctic Cruises

Première Classe

Thanks to the captain and crew we had a fantastic holiday. They did everything to let us see the wildlife but in a safe manner. Thanks to the guides for the interesting and safe trips on land. We had a perfect holiday!! (Copied from Oceanwide Expeditions)

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