Parasitic Jaeger
Parasitic Jaeger

Parasitic Jaeger

Also known as the Arctic Skua, they aggressively protect their nests - be careful!

Our Expert Says… "As well as dive-bombing, Parasitic Jaegers have another fascinating defensive behavior. One will sometimes pretend to be injured on the ground, trying to lure you away from the nest by feigning the fact that they might be an easy meal and distracting you from the nest."

The parasitic jaeger is sometimes also known as the Arctic skua. Smaller than many other skua species, the parasitic jaeger grows to about 45cm (18”) long with a 1.15m (45”) wingspan. It can be tricky to identify this skua as it occurs in three different colors (known as “morphs”) ranging from brown with mainly-white underparts to all dark-brown. They all have a white flash on the wing.

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Parasitic Jaeger

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