The iconic tusked marine mammal of the Arctic

Our Expert Says… "WIth their tusks up to 1m in length, these animals were very important as a source of ivory for Viking and indigenous arctic peoples. We still don't know what they use the tusks for, but it's certainly not for feeding or defense. The Svalbard population, after a slow start post-protection, is now doing really well."

The walrus is one of the most iconic of the arctic marine mammals. With their large tusks and long whiskers, the adults make a striking sight hauled up on the pack ice. Second only to the elephant seal in size, adult male walrus can weigh as much as 1,800kg (4,000lbs), although more typically they are between 900kg and 1,400kg (2 to 3,000lbs). The walrus has a remarkably thick hide. It’s so dense that it can account for about 20% of an animal’s total body weight.

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