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A21 Magellan Explorer

Magellan Explorer Croisières en Antarctique

Un navire de croisière d'expédition ultramoderne conçu pour le déglaçage et l'aventure !

Une croisière polaire à bord du "Magellan Explorer"

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Welcome aboard the Magellan Explorer, an ultra-modern expedition cruise ship built for the Antarctic. An Antarctic trip aboard the Magellan Explorer is unlike the rest. Instead of boarding your cruise ship right away and spending long days crossing the Drake Passage to get to the Antarctica, you’ll take a two-hour plane ride from Punta Arenas straight to the continent itself. This flight will save you time, and you’ll be able to head straight to the Antarctic action. A Magellan Explorer is a pioneer air-cruise is designed for adventure and with your comfort in mind.

To manage environmental impact, the Antarctic Treaty limits the numbers of visitors on shore to maximum 100 at one time. A Magellan Explorer air-cruise comfortably accommodates only 73 guests so everyone can go ashore at the same time. This means that you will spend more time ashore, rather than waiting your turn to disembark the ship. The Magellan Explorer cruise ship offers 7 different categories of accommodation, including dedicated single cabins. All cabins except for the Porthole cabins have a private balcony for your enjoyment. All cabins feature a wardrobe, an individually controlled heating system, a private bathroom, a sitting area, and heated floors.

The Magellan Explorer cruise ship also features a beautiful glass-enclosed observation lounge deck for guests to awe over the incredible Antarctic views. Guests are welcome to take part in the polar discussions in the presentation room with state-of-the-art audio visual equipment. The polar cruise ship also offers a library, a boutique gym built by the professionals at Anytime Fitness, a sauna, and a medial clinic.

The Magellan Explorer comes equipped with a fleet of 10 Zodiac boats, perfectly suited for an Antarctic adventure and a closer look at the flora and fauna. The observation deck aboard the cruise ship also leads to the bow of the ship where guests and crew can better spot marine wildlife.

A Magellan Explorer air-cruise is the most modern way to explore the amazing Antarctic region. Time-saving, comfortable, and intimate, this air-cruise rethinks polar exploration for those who have a limited amount of travel time.

Caractéristiques clés de Magellan Explorer

Air-Cruise Experts, completing over 200 fly and cruise departures.

Company founded in Punta Arenas, Chile. Antarctica is their neighbor.

Magellan Explorer uses the Explorer's House as a private base in Punta Arenas for its passengers.

Uses a single flight to carry all guests on an expedition to and from Antarctica.

On every journey, the team includes at least 12 expert polar guides and their number one priority is ensuring you have an unforgettable experience.

Photos du Magellan Explorer

Magellan Explorer
Magellan Explorer

Dates et prix du Magellan Explorer

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Réservez maintenant, payez plus tard: Vous pouvez facilement faire votre réservation en ligne. Nous réserverons alors les places pour vous, et vous pourrez confirmer avec un paiement plus tard. Les prix sont par personne, sur la base d'une occupation double, incluent les taxes et peuvent être sujets à des fluctuations et des changements. Les itinéraires sont fixes, mais peuvent être modifiés en raison de la météo ou du comportement reproducteur des animaux. Vous n'avez pas trouvé votre date préférée ?


Catégories de cabines à bord du Magellan Explorer

Cabine avec hublot

Cabine avec coin salon et hublot Située sur le pont 3

  • Deux hublots
  • Armoire
  • Système de chauffage à commande individuelle
  • Coin salon
  • Salle de bain privée avec douche et plancher chauffant
  • 18 m² (200 pieds carrés)
Cabine Veranda

Située sur le pont 3

  • Cabine avec salon et balcon privé
  • Garde-robe
  • Système de chauffage contrôlé individuellement
  • Coin salon
  • Salle de bains privée avec douche et planchers chauffants
Suite Triple

Située sur le pont 4

  • Suite avec deux chambres, un balcon privé et un coin salon
  • Armoire
  • Système de chauffage à commande individuelle
  • Coin salon
  • Salle de bain privée avec douche et plancher chauffant
Cabines Deluxe Veranda

Située sur le pont 4

  • Balcon privé

  • Armoire

  • Système de chauffage à commande individuelle

  • Coin salon

  • Salle de bain privée avec douche et plancher chauffant

  • 22 m² (240 pieds carrés)

Suites Penthouse

Située sur le pont 5

  • Suite avec salon, chambre et balcon privé
  • Balcon privé
  • Garde-robe
  • Système de chauffage contrôlé individuellement
  • Coin salon
  • Salle de bains privée avec douche et planchers chauffants
Suite Grande

Suite de deux chambres avec salon, balcon et chambre à coucher

480 pi2 – 44 m²

Cabine simple

Cabine avec coin salon et balcon

210 pi2 – 19 m²

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Commodités à bord du Magellan Explorer


Centre de fitness



zodiac fleet

Flotte Zodiac


Salon d'observation

conference room

Salle de conférence


Vol privé vers l'Antarctique



doctor's suitcase

Services médicaux



Responsabilité environnementale à bord du Magellan Explorer

Parmi nos principaux objectifs de développement durable figurent la réduction active de l'impact et des émissions de nos navires, l'investissement dans de nouvelles technologies et l'amélioration continue de nos ressources existantes. Nous avons également installé un nouveau moteur à faibles émissions dans notre navire vétéran, Ortelius. Ce moteur est conforme à toutes les dernières législations environnementales. Un autre de nos engagements importants en matière de durabilité est notre utilisation de gazole marin à faible teneur en soufre (LSMGO), qui a une teneur en soufre inférieure à 0,1 %.

Nous limitons la production de déchets à bord en recyclant aussi souvent que possible ainsi qu'en interdire les plastiques à usage unique. Ce navire n'utilise pas de pailles, de gobelets en plastique ou de beurre, yaourt et confiture emballés individuellement. Ce navire dispose d'un système de traitement de l'eau et d'un système de dessalement par osmose inverse, ce qui nous permet d'éliminer l'utilisation de bouteilles d'eau en plastique à bord. Au lieu de cela, les clients reçoivent une bouteille d'eau réutilisable qu'ils peuvent remplir sur le navire. Les salles de bain sont équipées de shampoing et savon biodégradables dans des emballages recyclés, limitant encore plus notre utilisation de plastiques.

Caractéristiques du Magellan Explorer


Première Classe


Croisière d'expédition


Ice Class 1A


90.7 m



Vitesse de croisière

14 knots

Tirant d'eau




Témoignages de Magellan Explorer

Marion K


It was an AMAZING journey through one of the most spectacular landscapes I have ever scene (if not the most). The boat was top of the line, the professional crew incredibly professional, knowledgeable and fun to hang out with. The service crew took well care of us during all the journey. The kayak pack is specially recommended and if you are lucky you will also a face to face hunch whale experience you will remember as your top wildlife adventure for life (copied from Trip Advisor)

Cristian Coudeu


Impressive trip, a beautiful destination that thanks to A21 becomes unforgettable. The concern for every detail, the professional level of the team, the joy with which they do their work make this experience something unique. Discovering Antarctica with A21 is a dream that we should all have. (copied from Trip Advisor)

Till K


We booked the 2.5 week trip incl. Antarctic peninsula and South Georgia. We received good information on clothing, recommended literature, itinerary etc. previously. The one night in Punta Arenas extended due to fog around the antarctic landing strip to three days, with an OK emergency program. The difficulty to get to Antarctica shows that it a somehow adventurous place and not normal tourism. Once arrived on board, we were welcomed nicely and shown the beautiful new vessel, the Magellan Explorer. The expedition staff and the crew are very friendly and professional. The cabins and excellent, all have balconies, mini bars are refilled all the time. Food on boards in really good and varied every day. Wine is OK. The expeditions are what you came for. Protocols are very strict, in order to protect wild life. Whats you see is totally amazing, in Antarctica the icebergs and white sceneries, later on in South Georgia the immense amount of king penguins, seals with puppies, etc. During the days of pure navigation, you can spot whales, albatrosses etc., and get very interesting lectures of Antarctic related topics (history, political situation, animals, etc.). Lecturers are excellent professionals, some are also funny. What could be improved? On our specific trip, the three days lost in the beginning were cut off just from the Antarctic peninsula part of the trip, nothing from South Georgia. Could have been more balanced. And in general, on zodiac tours without landing, people could be grouped by interest (photographers have other needs than the rest, some older people get cold earlier than some younger, etc.). Overall… a trip of the lifetime. I intend to do the pure Antarctic trip with the same company and the same vessel. (Copied from Trip Advisor)

Enzo R.


We travelled on the December 6-13, 2021 Classic Antarctica trip on Magellan Explorer, during the pandemic. We flew to Antarctica on Day 1 of the itinerary because it was not clear if we could fly as scheduled on Day 2. That created a bit of a commotion, also because a group of passengers in the end couldn't go due to one of their members testing positive for Covid during the pre-trip screening done by Antarctica21. After we left Punta Arenas for Antarctica, everything went very well. Being in Antarctica is wonderful, like a paradise. Magellan Explorer is in excellent condition and service is excellent. The food is very good, with a lot of variety. Excellent service in the dining room. The wines are very good and abundant. The gym is very good, as is the sauna. We had a barbecue dinner on the top deck and that was a hit, a very happy occasion for everyone. The landings and excursions were very good. The Expedition Team is excellent, very professional and well prepared. The zodiacs are impeccable. On the ship we enjoyed great presentations but we noticed that sometimes other guests seemed tired, which must have been a bit demotivating for the presenters. We didn’t see the officers much. As part of the Covid protocols, there was practically no contact with them. Our last day in Antarctica was a bit of challenge. There was some uncertainty on what to do with our luggage, when we would disembark, etc. Once we did disembark, we had to wait a long time in the open air before boarding the aircraft. It was windy and cold, with no shelter or bathroom. It was nothing compared with what early explorers experienced but any Antarctic traveler should be prepared for some discomfort. In the end, it was quickly forgotten and the good memories of a special trip is what remains. (Copied from Trip Advisor)

Christopher Horta


It was a 14-day trip through Antarctica and the Georgian Islands, the trip was incredible, the attention of the cleaning staff, the incredible meals, very good, the incredible landscapes, far exceeded expectations. Fully recommended for people who like landscape and wildlife photography above all, penguins, seals, sea lions, whales, killer whales, birds, etc. As advice to future travelers, be patient because boat trips are long, enjoy the benefits offered on the boat, but take advantage of resting in the moments when you are sailing from one side to another. (Copied from Trip Advisor)

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