Common Eider
Common Eider

Common Eider

Famous for its soft and warm feathers that we know and love as eiderdown

Our Expert Says… "Female eiders are remarkably tolerant of people, and it's this characteristic that makes the collecting of the valuable down easy. The young chicks are precocious and can swim from a young age - although their thick down is very buoyant, and it can be amusing to watch them bob about like corks when they try to dive like their parents!"

The common eider is a species of duck that breeds in the arctic and overwinters further south in more temperate areas. It’s also sometimes known as Cuddy’s duck or St Cuthbert’s duck. A famous colony of eiders on the Farne Islands in the UK was the subject of the first bird-protection law in 676, when St Cuthbert decreed that they were not to be killed (“Cuddy” is a short name for Cuthbert)

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Common Eider

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