Little Auk (Dovekie)
Little Auk

Little Auk (Dovekie)

The tiny bird that gathers in enormous colonies

Our Expert Says… "These birds are amazing. It's thought that there may be as many as 40 million pairs worldwide. Little auk colonies are often in difficult to access areas on scree slopes, so not all expeditions can visit a colony. But if you get the chance, you must - it's remarkable due to the sheer numbers, the constant aerial movement, and the noise!"

The little auk (also known locally as the dovekie) is well-named! It’s the smallest of the Atlantic auk species, only about half the size of the Atlantic puffin. They are a very numerous bird, breeding in huge colonies on the side of rocky cliffs where they lay their single egg in cracks and crevices on the rocks.

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Little Auk

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