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Krossfjorden Spitsbergen


Enjoy the scenery and look out for wildlife and the chance of a bear!

Information about Krossfjorden

The two split fjords that form the inner part of Krossfjorden are popular for ship cruising and Zodiac cruising to enjoy the scenery, the glacier fronts, and to look out for wildlife and the chance of a bear.

There are also several options for landings including Möllerhamna, with a hunter’s cabin painted orange that is known the ‘Lloyds Hotel’. Many cruise ships have visited the site for over 100 years, leaving behind mementoes like signs, graffiti (no longer allowed), and a bar. Sigenhamna is another location where there was a German weather station in World War II.

Pictures of Krossfjorden

Krossfjorden Spitsbergen
Krossfjorden Spitsbergen
Krossfjorden Spitsbergen

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