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Hornsund Arctic Expedition Cruise

Explore the rugged fjords of this region by expedition cruise ship

Information about Hornsund

The fjords in the inner part of Hornsund is superb to explore by ship with the

spectacular rugged scenery, including the distinctive and towering peak known as Hornsundtind. The geology is impressive, and make sure to look out for birds, seals, and even Polar bears.

Deeper in the Fjord, there is the impressive and long glacial front of Hornbreen, and there are glacial fronts in Burgerbutka to the north, and Samarinvågen to the south. These locations are also excellent for Zodiac cruising to get close to the glacial fronts (at a safe distance) and look for wildlife.

Amongst the ice floes is a great place to look for Ringed Seals, Bearded Seals, and the Ivory Gull.

Interesting facts about Hornsund

Locations to land in this part of Hornsund are few, and more restrictive with the nearby terrain that could hide a bear. Not that long ago the whole of inner Hornsund was under the glacier, which has retreated to leave quite barren landscape with minimal tundra.

Treskelen is a headland of hard rock at the entrance to Brepollen, the inner bay with scattered moraines from the retreating glacier with great geology and the chance of finding fossils. Landings are possible here, but with care.

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