Atlantic Puffin
Atlantic Puffin

Atlantic Puffin

One of the most recognizable and best-loved Arctic seabirds

Our Expert Says
 "The puffin's beak is easily capable of carrying up to 10 fish at a time, but the record observed is a bird with over 60 at once! They have a lot of local names, but my particular favorite is the 'Parrot-Billed Willy'."

The puffin is one of the most-recognized and most-loved seabirds in the world. A member of the auk family, the Atlantic puffin (also known as the common puffin) is most known for its brightly colored bill. Half red-orange, half grey, and with a yellow band in between the two colors and a yellow rosette where it meets the face, this is the feature of the puffin that is familiar to most people.

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Atlantic Puffin

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