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Little Auk / Dovekie (Alle a. alle)

Discover the Norwegian island Fuglesongen

The land of pointed woodpeckers and thousands of Little Auks

Information about Fuglesongen

The views of NW Spitsbergen, the land of the pointed peaks, is impressive from this area, once it is free of ice. Fuglesongen means ‘bird song’ and thousands of Little Auks breed here, flying around in huge ‘wheels’ of birds and sounding like little trolls!

A few determined groups make a landing here, but it needs calm conditions, sticking out on the NW tip of Spitsbergen. But is still an impressive site to witness for ships that sail between Fuglesongen and Klovningen. There is no land to the north, towards the pole, the area often covered in the pack ice at the start of the season.

Pictures of Fuglesongen

Little Auk / Dovekie (Alle a. alle)
Little Auk / Dovekie (Alle a. alle)
Little Auk / Dovekie (Alle a. alle)

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