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Whales & Dolphins

Antarctica Whale Journey Expedition Cruise aboard the Ocean Endeavour

Set sail in search of whales and other Antarctic wildlife on this 11-day cruise

Antarctica Whale Journey
Mid Range Ship

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Mid Range Ship
The Trip Highlights

Antarctic Peninsula's remarkable history

Whale watching from your Zodiac

Set foot on the White Continent

Observe penguins in their natural habitat

Your Polartours 'Plus' Experience

Experience the chill of a polar plunge

Expert guides answer all questions

Your trip is 100% carbon offset

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Embark on a remarkable journey in search of the giants of the Southern Ocean on this voyage of discovery to Antarctica. Brave the infamous Drake Passage and have your camera ready for sea birds as they soar and swoop around the ship, keep your eyes peeled for underwater movement and that unmistakable breach. Jaw-dropping scenery, immense glaciers and ice-filled channels await and provide a perfect backdrop as you explore by zodiac the ice filled bays, getting you up close and personal to the migrating mammals. Take a step on the continent and spot seals laying along the shores and walk among penguin rookeries. On board, enjoy optional activities, lectures presented by resident polar experts and a state-of-the-art wellness and fitness facilities.

There is no better way to discover the majestic beauty of the Antarctic peninsula and its amazing whales.

Your ship: Ocean Endeavour

The Ocean Endeavour is a breath of fresh air compared to some of the Antarctic cruise ships of old and it’s quickly become one of our favorites thanks to the things they do differently on board.

Firstly, the Ocean Endeavour provides a class-leading ratio of 1 crew member per 8 passengers, giving you a more personal, informative, and comfortable Antarctic adventure.

The ship also features a focus on health and wellness. The onboard spa, gym, and sauna are overseen by the ship’s health and wellness expert, and there is a dedicated medical center with a permanent onboard doctor and paramedi … Read more about Ocean Endeavour


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Food & Drinks

Like everything else about Ocean Endeavour, mealtimes are all about enjoyment, relaxation, and learning. Enjoy open-seating meals in the roomy Polaris Restaurant, surrounded by ocean views, while the expert guides and crew happily mingle and share their expertise with you.

Breakfast and lunch include a wide variety of tasty and healthy choices. Globally inspired à la carte suppers to offer options to suit every taste, including fish and vegetarian options. Desserts, made fresh daily, are a highlight! Food allergies, special diets, and personal choices can all be accommodated by our skilled chefs with advance notice.

Early-bird breakfast, afternoon tea, late-night snacks, and treats round out the offerings. And tea, coffee, and cookies are always freely available.

Ocean Endeavour Antarctica Peninsula Photos
Ocean Endeavour Antarctica Peninsula Photos
Ocean Endeavour Antarctica Peninsula Photos