G Expedition Arctic

Norwegian Fjords and Realm of the Polar Bear

Embark on this adventure along the Norwegian coastline aboard the G Expedition Antarctica and Arctic Cruises

Norwegian Fjords and Realm of the Polar Bear
A 22-day long expedition cruise
Mid Range Ship

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A 22-day long Cruise

Mid Range Ship
The Trip Highlights

Standing Stones of Stenness

Experience the midnight sun

Search for polar bears and whales

Wander through fishing villages

Your Polartours 'Plus' Experience

Take the polar plunge

Arctic history from expert guides

Your trip is 100% carbon offset

G Expedition Parka as a souvenir

Begin your expedition cruise in beautiful Scotland en route to the Norwegian fjords and the remote shores of Svalbard on this incredible 21-day journey along the coastline of Norway. Explore the glaciers that shaped the stunning landscapes, search wildlife in arctic islands on Zodiac rides, walk through history at UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and so much more. Every day of this journey reveals a new icy wonderland on the water. From close-up encounters with wildlife to the plentiful icebergs and glaciers, this cruise is filled with highlights. You will have the opportunity to explore the beauty of this region not only by ship, but by zodiac and foot as well. You can only explore these harsh regions a few months out of the year, but you'll remember seeing the polar bears, the seals, and the reindeer forever.

Your ship: G Expedition

Welcome aboard the G Expedition, an intimate and comfortable setting for an extraordinary adventure cruise to the ends of the earth. Described by many as a home away from home, the G Expedition combines outstanding accommodations, expert guides, hard to resist comfort food, and a relaxed and fun atmosphere making your trip to the polar regions an unforgettable experience. The 134 maximum passenger cruise ship is built to get you closer to some of our planet’s most amazing and remote places: The Arctic and Antarctic. Make your next cruise a trip you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

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Food & Drinks

The irresistible food provided aboard the G Expedition includes fine international cuisine and delicious comfort food. The Expedition's kitchen staff is a dazzling 30 people strong and can serve many needs. Vegetarian, Kosher, you name it - they can accommodate for it! All meals are served in the Albatross Dining room, an elegant and welcoming space large enough to accommodate all guests in one sitting.

Meet and get to know your fellow passengers in an open-seating dining experience. Head over to the Polar Bear Pub for a drink and live music. Or if you’re brave enough, compete in a friendly dance competition. There is always something to do aboard a G Expedition polar cruise.

G Expedition Arctic
G Expedition Arctic Svalbard
G Expedition Arctic Svalbard
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