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Daneborg and Clavering Island

Explore beautiful nearby fjords and the vast national park

Information about Daneborg and Clavering Island

Daneborg, on the south coast of Wollaston Foreland peninsula, is the location of the Danish Sirius Patrol that patrols NE Greenland and the vast national park.

Cruise ships check in here coming in from Svalbard then explore nearby fjords, making sure sea ice coming south in the East Greenland current does block off the entrances to the fjord systems. Some of this sea ice can include multi year ice that has drifted south from the Arctic Ocean, in complete contrast to the warming influence of the Gulf stream on the west coast of Svalbard, not that far to the east.

Across Young Fjord is Clavering Island, were Clavering and his crew of the Griper encountered a band of twelve Inuit in August 1823. Later explorers to the region found no evidence of inhabitants in NE Greenland. There are the remains of Inuit settlements and it appears, when the the first European explorers turned up, the small population was already dying out or moving on. Possibly the combination of cold conditions at the time, and trying to survive in one of the harshest areas on the plane, even for the Innuit - NE Greenland. There was also a weather station on the island.

Interesting facts about Daneborg and Clavering Island

Clavering Island and the surrounding area can be a great introduction to Greenland wildlife for those arriving from Svalbard, including species that are scarce or absent in Svalbard. The real highlight is the Musk Ox, but others to look out for include the Stoat (the Ermine in its winter coat), Arctic Hare, the Gyrfalcon (the largest falcon in the World), the Raven with it's atmospheric call and the Wheatear. Snowy owl occur but many may have flown south by the time some ships explore the region late in the season.

The area of North-east Greenland was very popular with Norwegian hunters in the 1920's and 1930's before Denmark strengthened its claim for this part of Norway. Caribou went extinct in the region and Musk-Ox and Wolf were almost wiped out. Caribou are yet to return, via the route across northern Greenland from Canada, but the Musk Ox have recovered in numbers. Wolves are also re-appearing, but do not expect to see them in this vast wilderness, but you might come across their tracks.

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