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Bellot Strait

Look for a Narwhal!

Information about Bellot Strait

Narrow strait separating Somerset Island to the north from Murchison Promontory of Boothia Peninsula to the south, the northernmost part of mainland America.

The 2km (1.2 mi) wide and 25 km (16 mi) strait connects the Gulf of Boothia, Prince Regent Inlet, and Brentford Bay to the east with Peel Sound and Franklin Strait to the west. It became a strait on ‘one’ of the NW passage routes. On a map of the Canadian Arctic, unless you look in detail, it is easy to assume the Boothia Peninsula and Somerset Island is one peninsula. In many ways, with Bellot Strait locked in ice much of the year, it is like the peninsula. Since it is so narrow, it can be a place to look for Narwhal, and, along the shore, Polar Bear, or even wolf.

Interesting facts about Bellot Strait

On the 1829 to 1833 expedition of Sir John Ross, his Nephew Sir James Clark Ross was part of a small sledging party that located the position of the North Magnetic Pole on 1 June 1831, on the Boothia Peninsula. Sir James Clark Ross would on to discover the South Magnetic pole on his Antarctic expeditions … with the Erebus and Terror.

Pictures of Bellot Strait

Narwhal swimming in gap between the edge of land fast ice and pack ice along north Baffin Island.
Bellot Strait

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