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A frozen area from October to July

Information about Etah

At the very northern end of Baffin Bay and the very northwest of Greenland, Etah looks across the Nares Strait to Ellesmere Island, the area usually frozen from October to July.

Etah was a starting point for various expeditions attempting to get to the North Pole, and was the landing site of the last migration of the Inuit from the Canadian Arctic. Today the channel, when frozen, continues to be a crossing point for wildlife from Canada to Greenland, even Wolverine get across. Etah used to be the most-northerly populated settlement in the world but it was abandoned (Inuit moving south to Pituffik) due to the harsh conditions.

Interesting facts about Etah

As a crossing point for wildlife, almost anything might turn up, even a Wolverine!

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Greenland fjord
Red Fjord into Rypefjord

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