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A beautiful late summer day on Svalbard (Spitsbergen) with the most spectacular nature scenery

Jan Mayen

The volcanic Island on the mid-Atlantic Ridge

Information about Jan Mayen

Not part of Greenland, this is a volcanic Island on the mid-Atlantic Ridge that ships often visit it on route between Svalbard and Iceland as part of the cruise. However, it is a bit of detour south for ships heading across from Svalbard to the very NE of Greenland, with the chance to explore the ice edge as they approach the East Greenland current, an area where they might encounter Walrus and Polar Bears on the sea ice (both more elusive when exploring NE Greenland), and even Narwhal and Bowhead Whales on the edge of the sea ice.

For ships that do sail past or visit Jan Mayen, it is a volcanic island on the mid-Atlantic ridge, like Iceland to the SW. It is great for a range of breeding seabirds, and for whale watching.

Pictures of Jan Mayen

Hornsund, Svalbard
Ny London, Svalbard
Nordaustlandet, Svalbard

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