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Ella Island

Icebergs and Polar wildlife

Information about Ella Island

Located at the mouth of Kempe Fjord in the northern end of King Oscar Fjord. With the larger islands to the east such as Geographical Society Island.

It is in the middle of the King Oscar Fjord and Kaiser Franz Joseph Fjord ‘complex’ that matches Scoresbysund to the south. It is a great area to explore with stunning scenery, often the first Greenland landscape that many cruise ships experience that have come across from Svalbard, and you may even find wolf tracks on walks ashore. But expeditions tend to spend more time in Scoresbysund since the entrance to this fjord system can be blocked off by sea-ice drifting south in the cold southern flowing East Greenland current.

Pictures of Ella Island

Polar Bears near the North Pole
Rembrandt van Rijn _ North Spitsbergen, Arctic Summer

Highlights Close to Ella Island

Animals in Ella Island

Our trips to Ella Island

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