Greenland fjord


Sail along several deep fjord systems with glaciers

Information about Milneland

A large island well into SW Scoresbysund that can be circumnavigated with access to several deeper fjord systems with glaciers coming down from the Greenland ice sheet.

Starting from the open sound (the actual area named Scoresbysund) and going in a clockwise direction from the Bear Islands: Ofjord to Storo island, then Rodefjord, then Føhnfjord back to the islands of Denmarkøya. Great ship and Zodiac cruising (even over several days), plus the chance of some landings. Almost a destination within a destination with numerous highlights.

Interesting facts about Milneland

Late in the season wildlife can be scarce, but Northern Ravens can be seen, and heard, a call that is is the sound of wilderness. if you are very lucky, you might see a Gyr Falcon. The largest Falcon in the World.

Pictures of Milneland

Greenland fjord
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Animals in Milneland

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