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Greenland- Northeast & Jan Mayen

Some of the most beautiful landscapes on this planet

Information about Greenland- Northeast & Jan Mayen

The northeast of Greenland is blessed with some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet, with the tundra, the mountains, and the huge icebergs reflected in the calm waters of the sheltered fjords. As benefits the world’s largest island, northeast Greenland is home to some record-setting features. This part of the country is part of the North-east Greenland National Park, at some 375,000 square miles, the world’s largest.

Another stunning feature here is Scoresby Sound (Scoresby Sund in Danish), one of the world’s largest and longest fjord systems. It’s so vast you could easily spend an entire cruise in the system and not explore it all. Rich in wildlife, this part of Greenland should let you experience great encounters with the wildlife highlight, the Musk-Ox, as well as a variety of birdlife. Ravens are common and also keep a look out for the Gyr Falcon, the largest falcon in the World. Also look out Wheatear, Lapland Buntings, the Arctic Hare, lemmings, and the Stoat - also known as Ermine in their white winter coats.

The presence of Lemmings mean Snowy Owl breed, but many have migrated south by the time many cruises ships explore the area later in the season.

Being remoter there is a better chance than in other parts of Greenland to see Polar Bear, but it should be stressed that are still elusive and wary compared to Svalbard bears that are not hunted. Because of the impact of hunting, although fairly low due to the fact there is only the one community in the whole vast region, at Ittoqqortoormiit, it does mean Walrus and other seals are wary.

Overall, for late seasons visits, when many seabirds have finished breeding, the real highlight is the stunning and unique Greenland landscape with the huge icebergs and autumn colours, plus the pre-historic looking Musk-Ox.

Interesting facts about Greenland- Northeast & Jan Mayen

Our expert guide says: “Greenland is one of my favorite places - it’s simply stunning. After Antarctica, it’s one of the world’s remotest areas; even the Inuit abandoned the area due to the difficulty of living here. A real highlight is seeing the ‘prehistoric’ Musk Ox - remarkable creatures that, along with species from the Stoat to the wolf, migrated across the very top of Greenland from the Canadian Arctic to become established here.

Not that long ago the Caribou, Musk-Ox and the wolf were almost wiped out in NE Greenland by Norwegian hunters in the 1920's and 1930's. The hunting ceased when Denmark was successful in claiming the whole of Greenland (Norwegians called NE Greenland Eirik Raudes land). Today the vast area is patrolled by the Danish Sirius dog patrol team and Musk-Ox have returned to build up in numbers and wolf are slowly returning, but Caribou are still absent.

It is also a testimony of just how hard it was to survive in this remote region, even for experienced Inuit hunters.

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