Musk Ox
Musk Ox

Musk Ox

Shaggy-coated herds famed for their distinctive odor!

Our Expert Says… "The population in North-East Greenland is the easiest to approach, as there has been far less hunting of them here and they are less wary of humans. They are pretty much a prehistoric species, having been around since before the woolly mammoth roamed the Earth! Their warm undercoat is the finest fur of any mammal in the world and is remarkably insulative."

The Musk Ox (sometimes spelled Muskox) is a unique arctic animal. Despite its name, it’s actually more closely related to goats and sheep than it is to oxen or cattle. Two of its distinguishing features are its very thick, shaggy coat, and the strong musky odor the males emit during the mating season to attract females. They are primarily found in Canadian Arctic and northern Greenland.

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Musk Ox

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