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Antarctica - Discovery and learning voyage

Take part in this incredible polarcruise to Antarctica aboard the Ortelius

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Antarctica - Discovery and learning voyage

11 Days

3 Reviews


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A 11-day expedition cruise

3 Reviews

The Trip Highlights

Witness iconic Arctic wildlife

Observe breathtaking icebergs and glaciers

Cross the infamous Drake Passage

Photograph whales

Your Polartours 'Plus' Experience

Visit Deception Island

Step a foot on the 7th continent

Your trip is 100% carbon offset

Learn from Polar experts

This Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands cruise delivers you into a landscape of dark rugged rock, pure white snow, and a fantastic variety of wildlife. Come say hello to whales, seals, and thousands of penguins. Make the most of your cruise experience with a wide range of activities available on your Zodiac.

Your ship: Ortelius

Ortelius has a fascinating history of polar exploration. Originally launched as the “Marina Tsvetaeva” in 1989, she served as a special purpose vessel for the Russian Academy of Science. Later re-flagged and renamed, *Ortelius” is now classed by Lloyd’s Register in London and flies the Dutch flag.

Ortelius is first and foremost a true Antarctic exploration vessel. She has the highest Ice-Class specification (UL1, equivalent to 1A) and is certified to navigate through solid annual sea ice as well as loose multi-year pack ice. In this ship, you can discover the true Antarctic, reaching plac … Read more about Ortelius





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Southern Elephant Seal
Oceanwide Expeditions Antarctica Basecamp


Ian & Julie Grover

Ortelius Antarctic and Arctic Cruises


Despite not managing the full circumnavigation, we had a a wonderful and memorable trip. Great to see the Polar bears and Walrus, and all the wildlife and amazing scenery. Kayaking amongst the sea ice was amazing, and seeing the glacier calving incredible. We loved the ship and met some great people. The guides were all great too!! (Oceanwide Expeditions)

Henk Vogel

Ortelius Antarctic and Arctic Cruises


The trip with the Ortelius was planned almost one year ago and we have been looking forward to what we called the Expedition Polar Bear with high expectations. We is the male part of a family of three generations out of the “OPA” dynasty, two 13 year old boys, two 50 year old fathers and one 77 year young granddad called OPA. Each generation with his involvement and interest of the environmental changes at Svalbard. We all enjoyed each minute and each activity of the trip. We liked to sail in the zodiac, to hike on the tundra and to climbe the mountain, to swim between the seals and polar bears , we even liked the experience to cruise during foggy and stormy weather. The expedition was extremely well organized with a first class crew and equipment with much attention to safety. Especially the expedition leader, Ali with her staff, deserves a big compliment by creating a once-in-a-lifetime feeling and an atmosphere of adventure and companionship for all participants in the age from 13 till 77. The trip exceeded our already high expectations. (Copied from Oceanwide Expeditions)

Maurice O'Leary

Ortelius Antarctic and Arctic Cruises


Having previously travelled to the Antarctic Peninsula, my wife and I wanted to return to more distant parts of this gorgeous and fascinating place. The Ross Sea tour, with its abundance of natural wonders and great historical significance, had the ideal itinerary. I can say that all of our high expectations were met, and often even exceeded. With fortunate weather (especially some well-timed sea-ice breakups) and the diligent efforts of both ship and expedition crews, we had one rare and unforgettable experience after another: the rich wildlife of the Southern Ocean, the huts of the great explorers, a tour of McMurdo Station, and the otherworldly beauty of the continent, especially the shimmering blue of the ice. In our trip planning, we evaluated several tours, and the fact that the Ortelius had helicopters emerged as a compelling argument in its favor. This proved out, especially with a landing in the Taylor Dry Valley, an awe-inspiring experience that is otherwise almost impossible. We can't say enough about the crews. They were genuinely committed to providing the best experience. We immediately came look upon them as friends, colleagues, and mentors. (Copied from Oceanwide Expeditions)

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