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Antarctic Sound

Gateway to Earth’s most remote, extreme and enchanting wilderness

Information about Antarctic Sound

A gateway to the ultimate adventure that only a few will be lucky enough to experience.

Located at the northerly tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, the Sound is a remarkable onslaught for the senses as you come face-to-face with monstrous slabs of ice, now floating free as enormous tabular icebergs. These have broke away from ice shelves in the Weddell Sea and drifted into the Sound.

Treacherous to early explorers, the first vessel to successfully navigate the Sound was The Antarctic, the vessel of the Swedish Nordenskjold expedition of 1903. Unfortunately, she was trapped in the Weddell Sea by ice the following year and crushed - one of several vessels to have that fate over the decade.

Fortunately, modern polar cruising vessels have no such worries with their strengthened hulls and modern navigation technology. As you enter the monochromatic beauty of white ice and grey sea you will know that that you are soon going to experience some of the remarkable sights and encounter the wonderful wildlife that makes its home in these islands of snow, ice, and rock.

Interesting facts about Antarctic Sound

The Antarctic Sound is the way to get into the Weddell Sea and also a great place to see Adélie Penguins that have restricted rookeries in the nearby NW peninsula.

Amongst the Cape Petrels do look out for the all white Snow Petrel and the brown-and-white Antarctic Petrel. Along with the Adélie Penguin and the Emperor Penguin, these four seabird species only occur south of the Antarctic convergence. So do keep any eye out for a larger penguin amongst the other penguins on the ice floes, since there is a chance of seeing an Emperor Penguin here, and even all four Antarctic specialists the same day. But it should be stressed there is only an outside chance of spotting an Emperor. But keep looking, after all, the vista is stunning.

Quite often weather and ice conditions rule out a landing here, but a Zodiac cruise or ship's cruise of the Antarctic Sound can be one of the highlights of the whole cruise.

If you're planning your first expedition to the Antarctic make sure that you start brushing up your photography skills to allow you to capture this remarkable continent and its creatures in all their majesty. Early morning and evening can be spectacular in the Antarctic Sound with the sunlight on the tabular bergs. So do think of getting up early to be on deck.

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