Greenland and Baffin Bay

Peel Sound

A long sound which separates Somerset Island from Prince of Wales Island

Information about Peel Sound

This long sound separates Somerset Island on the east from Prince of Wales Island on the west. To the north it opens onto Parry Channel. To the south, at the mouth the Bellot Strait, it merges with Franklin Strait.

Sir John Franklin passed through the strait in 1846, an unseasonably warm summer, since typically Peel Sound is frozen. The east side of Peel Sound was traced by James Clark Ross in 1849, searching for Franklin, and in 1858 Francis Leopold McClintock tried to penetrate it and was blocked by ice. Even today cruise ships attempting the NW passage prefer the Bellot Strait route compared to Peel Sound.

Pictures of Peel Sound

Greenland and Baffin Bay
Assorted Ice bergs Thule Greenland
Assorted Ice bergs Thule Greenland

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