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Albatros Expedition high arctic- iceland to svalbard

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The Northwest Passage is the iconic arctic sea route between the Atlantic and the Pacific. There’s no single defined route through the hundreds of Arctic islands, and many lives were lost trying to navigate through the treacherous, ice-bound narrows, including the Franklin expedition. It wasn’t until 1906 that Roald Amundsen made a successful voyage between the oceans.

The Northwest Passage is usually only fully accessible by ships from late August into September when the ice has retreated enough to make a crossing attempt. Earlier, the outer part of the NW passage can be explored.There is the chance to observe arctic wildlife, including Polar Bears, Caribou, Musk-ox, and even Wolf, and whales and seals, with the Narwhal being an elusive highlight. Many seabirds will be reaching the end of the breeding season, but there is also the chance to see a range of Arctic birds typical of northern Canada.

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Our expert guide says: “The Northwest Passage is a fabulous route, with loads of opportunity to see not only “must-see” arctic animals like polar bears and the Narwhal, and a range of birds including the Snow Goose, but also to learn about the infamous Franklin expedition and to meet the Inuit people who live along its shores.”

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Northwest Passage
Albatros Expedition high arctic- iceland to svalbard
Albatros Expedition high arctic- iceland to svalbard

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