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South and Southwest Greenland

Landscapes that gave Greenland its name

Southern Greenland and the southwest of the island is the most verdant part, and it was this region that gave the island its name. As the area with the “mildest” climate (although that’s relative!), it is home to many sheep farms and small farming communities.

Visitors often comment on the “Scandinavian” appearance of Southern Greenland - fjords and mountains, with small settlements and sheep farms, all watched over by floating icebergs and towering glaciers.

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Interesting facts about South and Southwest Greenland

Our expert guide says: “The south of Greenland is rich with human history, and there are the remains of several Norse and Inuit settlements in the area. It’s geologically active, and you can find hot springs in several locations.”

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Albatros Expedition wake of Eric the red
Albatros Expedition North West Passage
Albatros Expedition North West Passage

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