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Greenland- South and Southwest

Landscapes that gave Greenland its name

Information about Greenland- South and Southwest

Southern Greenland and the southwest of the island is the most verdant part, and it was this region that gave the island its name. As the area with the “mildest” climate (although that’s relative!), it is home to many sheep farms and small farming communities.

Visitors often comment on the “Scandinavian” appearance of Southern Greenland - fjords and mountains, with small settlements and sheep farms, all watched over by floating icebergs and towering glaciers.

Nuuk is the capital of Greenland (and the most northerly capital in the world), and despite its remoteness, it’s a vibrant and cosmopolitan city of 17,000 inhabitants.

The South west coast is the where the White-tailed Eagle can be seen, whilst birds that occur throughout the south include Common Loon, Gyrfalcon, Harlequin Duck, Iceland Gull, the Raven, the Wheatear, and the Lapland Bunting. The Iceland Gull is a smaller version of the Glaucous Gull that breeds in southern Greenland and winters in Iceland, that should really be called the Greenland Gull!

The SE of Greenland is the closest part to Iceland, and the 'far' SE includes some isolated and spectacular fjords that are more isolated from the rest of southern Greenland.

Interesting facts about Greenland- South and Southwest

Our expert guide says: “The south of Greenland is rich with human history, and there are the remains of several Norse and Inuit settlements in the area. It’s geologically active, and you can find hot springs in several locations.”

With the Ice-sheet coming down to the coast in parts of Greenland in the NW and east, it means the terrestrial wildlife of southern and western Greenland are isolated, and species like the Lemming do not occur here, whilst the Musk Ox was introduced. Furthermore, the Polar Bear is very rare in much of Southern Greenland and the best chance is in the remoter parts of the SE coast.

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Albatros Expedition wake of Eric the red
Albatros Expedition North West Passage

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