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A beautiful late summer day on Svalbard (Spitsbergen) with the most spectacular nature scenery

Isfjorden Spitsbergen

One of Svalbard's largest fjords, on the west coast of Spitsbergen

Information about Svalbard Isfjorden

Isfjorden is the second-largest fjord in Svalbard at 66 miles long. An important anchorage and shelter from the earliest times of human habitation here, most of the largest settlements on Spitsbergen have grown up along its shore. The largest is Longyearbyen, that started as a mining town and is the transport hub for those flying in and out of Svalbard, and the Russian mining town of Barentsburg.

Another key attribute of this fjord is that it very rarely ices up, thanks to the warm current of the Gulf Stream that is able to enter the fjord from the west. This not only makes it attractive to human settlers, but also for the wildlife that can't feed under fast ice.

Zodiac trips over the calm waters are a highlight, exploring the glacier fronts, and landings to explore the tundra and the chance to visit some spectacular bird cliffs. Do bear in mind that many cruise ships spend less time in the fjord (often sailing out the first evening and doing landings and exploration of the are on the last full day).

Therefore, for those that spend some extra time in Longyearbyen, it is highly recommended to spend more time exploring the area around the town, and activities like dog sledging, and also to visit other parts of Isfjorden fjord system, from day tris to camping. If you did not visit it on the cruise (and quite a few chose not to), a real highlight is to visit to the eerie and disused Russian mining town of Pyramiden. It used to be the biggest settlement in Svalbard and it feels like it belongs in Siberia, having the most northerly bust of Lenin in the World!

Interesting facts about Svalbard Isfjorden

Our expert guide says: 'Isfjorden offers the chance to see both the human and the wildlife that call Spitsbergen home. Longyearbyen is the largest settlement on the whole archipelago with a permanent population of over 2,300 - although the average time people stay here is only 6 years! Landings might not be possible depending on polar bear activity, but your guides will get you as close as it is safe to be.'

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