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Patagonia, Fjordland

A stunning region south of the Americas

Also known as Fjordland, Patagonia is the sparsely populated southern tip of South America. It’s split across both Argentina and Chile and is notably for the sheer variety of terrain you can find here.

From the uplands of the southern edge of the Andes range to deserts, glaciers, fjords and lakes, and barren steppes, Patagonia is rich in geological and wildlife interest.

The Patagonian port of Punta Arenas is one of the largest cities in the region and is the staging point for many Antarctic expedition cruises and for resupply ships that service the Antarctic research stations.

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Interesting facts about Patagonia, Fjordland

Our expert guide says: “Patagonia is a vast region, but you can get a great flavor of it by taking one of the many day trips available from Punta Arenas that take you beyond the city limits and into the wilderness.

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