King Penguin
King Penguin

King Penguin

Witness the remarkable site and sound of colonies of 100,000 King Penguins!

Our Expert Says… "One of the great highlights of a trip to South Georgia. King penguins' breeding cycle from pair-bonding to raising a chick takes almost a year, plus another 6 months for molting and fattening. This is the longest of any penguin species and hence their need for all-year-round access to the sea and preference for the ice-free islands."

The iconic King Penguin is the second-largest penguin species in Antarctica. Growing up to an impressive 1.3m (4ft 4”) in height, these large birds can weigh up to 18kg (40 lbs)! Males and females look alike, and both sport the bright orange cheek patch that distinguishes them from their larger cousin, the Emperor penguin.

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King Penguin

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Stanley (sometimes called Stanley) is the capital of the Falkland Islands and is quintessentially British - albeit reminiscent of a Britain from yesteryear. But there’s something remarkable about seeing the red “telephone boxes” and signs for “fish n chips” sitting in a landscape that’s more like Patagonia than the pastoral English countryside. Stanley is home to 70% of the Falklands’ population, about 2,500 people. There’s a gentle pace to life here, but if there’s a cruise ship or two in the harbor then it can feel quite lively! As well as pubs and “chippies” there are some definite signs that you’re not in Europe. Visit Christ Church Cathedral, opened in 1892, and you’ll enter through an arch built from the jaws of two huge blue whales. A stroll to Victory Green in central Stanley will bring you face to face with a mizzen mast from the original SS Great Britain. Brunel built the world’s first propeller-driven iron ship in 1843, and it was badly damaged by gales when rounding Cape Horn in 1886, limping back to the Falkland Islands where it lay abandoned for almost a century. Walk down Pioneer Row and you’ll see the original settlers’ cottages, not only still standing but in perfect condition. Originally shipped the 8,000 miles from the UK as kits, they were erected quickly by the first settlers to provide warmth and shelter from the sometimes forbidding weather. But no matter what other unique and unusual sites you see in this southern hemisphere town, the Union Jack flags flying and the garden gnomes in gardens won’t let you forget that this is a piece of Britain at the edge of the Antarctic.

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