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Saint Helena

Saint Helena

Where history meets adventure in the heart of the South Atlantic

Information about Saint Helena

Welcome to St. Helena Island, where history meets tropical paradise in the heart of the South Atlantic Ocean. Known as Napoleon Bonaparte's final place of exile, this charming British Overseas Territory boasts a fascinating blend of colonial heritage and stunning natural beauty. Imagine exploring rugged cliffs that plunge into azure waters teeming with marine life, while lush valleys harbor endemic flora found nowhere else on Earth. St. Helena, with its warm, welcoming locals known as "Saints," offers a relaxed pace of life where time seems to stand still amidst centuries-old forts and winding coastal trails. Whether you're drawn to snorkeling in crystal-clear coves, uncovering historic shipwrecks, or simply savoring freshly caught seafood on the quaint streets of Jamestown, St. Helena promises an unforgettable adventure steeped in both tranquility and intrigue.

Pictures of Saint Helena

Peak Dale, Sandy Bay Below, St Helena
Jamestown St Helena
Jonathan the Tortoise St Helena

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