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Polar Diving

Experience the coldest and most extreme underwater world

Price: Upon request

Please note that depending on the ship, length of your cruise, and the itinerary, this price may vary. Inquire with your Polar Specialist.

Join an Arctic or Antarctic diving cruises which will give you access to some of the most scenic dive sites in the polar regions. Explore the underbellies of icebergs, exotic marine life and more! The details of these diving cruises are based on the ample experience of your expedition diving guides, all of whom have worked in the underwater polar regions for many years.

General information on our diving activity: Divers must be experienced with cold-water, dry-suit diving. We aim for one to two dives per day (one in the morning, one in the afternoon, weather permitting). All dive guides are certified and experienced experts in their field. We offer basic equipment on board (e.g., tanks, compressors, and weights), but divers must bring their own personal gear. We make dives from our Zodiac boats. Our maximum dive depth is around 20 meters / 65 feet.

In both Antarctica and the Arctic, we may observe sea squirts, squat lobsters, spider crabs, soft corals, anemones, peacock worms, dogfish, sea snails, crabs, sea butterflies, shrubby horsetails, jellyfish, sea hedgehogs, kelp walls, and several species of starfish.

Our polar dive voyages are not for beginners. They are meant only for experienced divers who are familiar with cold-water, dry-suit diving. You must have at least 30 logged dives to participate.

The first dive of the program will be a “check dive” to try out your gear and assure our dive leader that you have enough experience to participate. This is for your safety and that of our guides.

IMPORTANT: This activity is dependent on weather conditions and logistics.

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