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Ocean Endeavour

All the Wonders of Antarctica at a Fraction of the Price

 Ocean Endeavour

The Ocean Endeavour is a classic ship built for modern adventures. With more than 10 different cabin choices, including those for solo travelers, there is something for everyone, and guests are limited to less than half the ship’s capacity, giving you more than enough room to enjoy your journey. The onboard spa, library, hot tub and sauna, multiple lounges, and viewing areas offer comfort and relaxation, while a unique fly deck offers unobstructed 360° views.


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Ocean Endeavour Antarctica Peninsula Photos

Best of Antarctica

Departing December 9th, December 18th, and December 27th

Set sail aboard the comfortable and spacious Ocean Endeavour for this amazing 11-day voyage to the White Continent. Spot birds and whales on the Drake Passage, awe at immense icebergs and glaciers, and take the polar plunge to fully immerse yourself in Antarctica’s wonders. A once in a lifetime voyage that shows you the best of wilderness in its purest state.

Ocean Endeavour

Journey to the Circle

Departing February 5th and February 27th, 2024

Follow in the footsteps of Captain James Cook and venture south to a place very few have journeyed: the Antarctic Circle. Wonder at the ice-capped mountain ranges, and explore bays filled with immense icebergs and glaciers carved by Antarctica’s rugged environment. Cross into the circle to the home of the midnight sun and an area rich with wildlife, including the Weddell seals, vast colonies of penguins, and seabirds. By crossing the Antarctic Circle, you’ll join the lucky few who have not only been to Antarctica, but ventured into a region rarely seen.

Ocean Endeavour Antarctica Peninsula Photos

Antarctica Whale Journey

Departing February 17th

Experience an epic adventure and a wildlife enthusiast’s dream. Embark on a remarkable journey in search of the giants of the Southern Ocean on this voyage of discovery to Antarctica. Jaw-dropping scenery, immense glaciers, and ice-filled channels await and provide a perfect backdrop to get up close to the migrating mammals. Take a step on the continent and spot seals laying along the shores and walk among penguin rookeries. There is no better way to discover the majestic beauty of the Antarctic peninsula and its amazing whales.

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