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Polar Snorkeling

Polar Snorkeling

Discover an underwater world like any other

Price: Upon request

Please note that depending on the ship, length of your cruise, and the itinerary, this price may vary. Inquire with your Polar Specialist.

Witness active wildlife and scenery unlike any other place on earth. Through crystal clear waters you’ll awe at the amazing speed and grace of penguins entering and exiting from the ice, marvel at beautiful sculpted icebergs below the water and swim through marine life such as crustaceans, isopods, starfish and nudibranchs!

This unique experience will allow passengers to see both destinations in a completely new dimension. This excusrion is led by our expert polar guides, and includes state of the art equipment like drysuits, gloves, hood, fins, mask, and snorkel. Passengers will be provided with all of the training and equipment they need to comfortably experience Antarctica from this truly unique angle.

Passengers who take part will enjoy the opportunity to snorkel daily (weather dependent), taking in the delightful sheltered bays, off shore islands and secluded ship wrecks which make for spectacular wildlife viewing.

IMPORTANT: This activity is dependent on weather conditions and logistics.

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