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Ocean Victory Polartours

The Ocean Victory is a newer first-class ship, launching on its first voyage only a year ago. While it is made for exploration, the comforts it offers onboard make for a refined retreat between adventures. With several restaurants and modern amenities, it also features well-appointed rooms, including those with balconies to take in the stunning views. An X-Bow feature means smoother sailing, as well as less fuel consumption. The Ocean Victory’s commitment to sustainable travel doesn’t end there, and its implementation of a Green Initiative program means that you can trust that your journey will have minimal impact on the environment.


South Shetland Islands

South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula (10 days) Deal departure dates:

  • December 7-16, 2022

  • January 4-13, 2023

  • January 22-31, 2023

Regular price: $12,490; Deal price: $6,300* – almost half-price!! (*Per person; based on double occupancy, guaranteed Balcony Cabin–C Category)

Departing from Ushuaia in Argentina, you'll cross the Drake Passage to the South Shetland Islands, making zodiac landings at penguin rookeries, research stations, and fascinating lookouts along the way. Continuing southward, deep into the small islands of Antarctica, you'll pass the famous Gerlache Strait, where 3,000-foot ice cliffs rise straight out of the still water. This journey is packed with pristine nature sightings and incredible wildlife.

Albatros Expeditions Falkland Islands, South Georgia, Antarctica

Antarctica, South Georgia, and Falkland Islands (19 days)

Deal departure date:

  • December 16-January 4, 2023

Regular price: $18,990; Deal price: $10,800– more than $8,000 savings!! (Per person; based on double occupancy, guaranteed Balcony Cabin–C Category)

Beginning in Ushuaia and crossing the Drake Passage, you’ll visit the South Shetland Islands before continuing to the Antarctic Sound and the Weddell Sea. Get a glimpse of the famous passage made by the explorer Ernest Shackleton. Sail between Elephant Island and South Georgia, one of the world’s greatest natural wonders, in search of wildlife. End your cruise in the incredible Falkland Islands.

These are exceptional offers on a world-class ship. Book now to get a phenomenal discount and secure your spot on an adventure to Antarctica. Take a look at the video to see what is expecting you!

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