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Ocean Albatros Exterior

Ocean Victory Antarctica Cruises

A modern expedition cruise ship with comfort and sustainability in mind

A polar cruise on board the Ocean Victory

We’re delighted to welcome you to the new premium infinity vessel, Ocean Victory, whose maiden Antarctic cruise will begin in November 2021. This makes her one of the most modern small ship Antarctic exploration vessels.

Built to be a robust and capable polar explorer, she’s also designed with a touch of class. Her 93 comfortable guest cabins all feature ocean views and almost all of them feature a private ocean balcony.

Other standout features of Ocean Victory include several restaurants, a dedicated wellness area, a Nordic Bar, an open deck dining facility, a modern lecture lounge, and many other amenities. You will not lack comfort as you discover the wonders of Antarctica.

With the highest Polar Code 6 certification and Ice Class 1A, Ocean Victory sports a revolutionary X-Bow® which provides high stability in rough Antarctic conditions. This feature, along with her sturdy construction, makes her a true “go anywhere” explorer, and she enjoys the highest SOLAS 2012 certification for safety and seaworthiness.

Mindful of offering a minimal impact to the Antarctic environment, Ocean Victory will implement a Green Initiative Program. She is one of a brand-new generation of low-energy vessels, with 4 ultra-efficient diesel engines and 2 electric propulsion systems. Everything is computer-controlled to optimize her fuel consumption and performance as she navigates through Antarctic waters.

Key features of Ocean Victory

Family-owned since 1986

Expedition team gives workout classes on board

Pictures and Deck Plans of the Ocean Victory

Ocean Albatros Exterior
Ocean Albatros Exterior
Ocean Victory Deckplan

Dates & Prices of Ocean Victory

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Cabin Categories on board the Ocean Victory

Cat B Balcony Suite Albatros/Victory
Balcony Suite B2

Ocean Victory has 4 Balcony Suites on board located on the Bering & James Cook deck respectively, located on Decks 4 & 6. The suites feature double or twin beds and a seating area, bathroom with bath, and private balcony. The balcony suites can host 2 people.

single porthole cabin albatros/victory
Single Cabin

Standard single cabin onboard, located on deck 3. This is a conveniently located cabin close to the Mudroom which facilitates access to the zodiacs during embarkation and disembarkation to begin your adventures on the zodiacs.

Ocean Victory/Albatros Junior Suite
Junior Suite

The 4 junior suites aboard Ocean Victory have a great view from their location high up on the ship on deck 7. The suites feature a double bed or twin beds, sofa bed, seating area, a spacious bathroom with bathtub, and private balcony. The cabin can accommodate up to 3 people. Located on the Amundsen Deck 7.

Cat B Balcony Suite Albatros/Victory
Balcony Suite B1

Ocean Victory has 2 Balcony Suites on board located on the Bering & James Cook deck respectively, located on deck 4. The suites feature double or twin beds and a seating area, bathroom with bath and private balcony. The balcony suites can host 2 people.

Balcony C albatros/victory
Balcony State Cabin

The most abundant type of cabin on Ocean Victory, the Balcony State Cabins are located in Decks 4 & 6. They have a private balcony, a double bed or two single beds, a bathroom with bathtub, and a sofa that can be used as a bed for a child if traveling as a family. If you desire to book two cabins with connecting doors, this is also a possibility under this category.

Cat D/ Porthole Stateroom/ Albatros Victory
Albatros State Cabin

The standard cabin on Ocean Victory is close to the Mudroom and has quick access to the zodiac platforms for disembarkation during landings. This is very convenient if you have more limited mobility and would like a short distance to the zodiacs. The cabins are perfect for those who wish a comfortable base during their stay onboard Ocean Victory. The standard cabins all have a double bed or 2 single beds and bathroom with bathtub. The cabins are located on deck 3 except for 1 which is located on deck 4.

triple porthole cabin/ albatros/ victory
Triple Cabin

There are four Triple cabins on board Ocean Victory featuring portholes, all with private en-suite bathroom. Located on Deck 3, they're close to the mudroom and loading platforms. Triple cabins are normally with twin beds however a double bed can be accommodated.

Premium suite albatros/victory
Premium Suite

The largest of all the cabins on board the Ocean Victory is the Premium Suite. This 2-bedroom suite features a double bed (or twin beds), a sofa bed, table and chair, a balcony, and a spacious bathroom with bathtub. Located on deck. 4. This category is available upon request.

french balcony suite/ albatros/ victory
French Balcony Suite

The French Balcony Suite is a standard cabin with a French balcony, a double bed or two single beds, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a bathroom. All French Balcony Suites are located on Deck 7.

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Amenities on board the Ocean Victory


Fitness Center



rubber boots



Lecture Theater


Observation Deck

swimming pool


zodiac fleet

Zodiac Fleet


Observation Lounge




Gift Shop



Ocean Victory's take on sustainable traveling

OUR “SAVE THE WAVES PROGRAM” reduces the chemicals released into the oceans by laundry and washing systems. All laundry chemicals used onboard are biodegradable and we encourage only laundering items when they really need it.

OUR RECYCLING PROGRAM embraces the keywords: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. All possible items are put to multiple uses, for example, outer plastic wrapping is reused as garbage liners. All single-use plastic items are being eliminated, such as disposable cups, stirrers, and straws. Refillable water bottles are given to all our guests at the beginning of each voyage, and only reusable hard plastic mugs and regular glasses are used for BBQs and special events. Only paper straws are available upon request. Wooden items have replaced the plastic ones, and instead of individual packages for condiments, yogurt, jam, or butter, small bowls and a butter pot for each table are provided.

SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD is the only kind used in our kitchens during Antarctic cruises, either caught or farmed in ways that consider the long-term vitality of harvested species and the well-being of our oceans, as well as the livelihoods of fisheries-dependent communities.

More info about the Ocean Victory


First Class Ship


Expedition Cruise Ship


Ice Class 1A


104.4 meters

Crew members



18.4 meters



Year built


Food & Drinks on board the Ocean Victory

Beagle Restaurant Dinner always starts with delicious hot soups, cold cuts, and crisp, fresh salads. Several choices of entrees are offered each evening, to accommodate different tastes and dietary requirements; always including a meat choice, fish choice, and vegetarian choice. After dinner, freshly prepared desserts, including ship-made ice cream or cakes are a great way to end a meal and satisfy any sweet tooth. A selection of wines and beers is available to perfectly complement your visit to our restaurant. Our bar is fully equipped with a variety of cocktails, beers, non-alcoholic beverages and more, to quench your thirst and reward the explorer in you.

Reviews of Ocean Victory

Ocean Victory Solar Eclipse


So many once in a life-time moments. I loved the wildlife encounters. Tens of thousands of penguins on the beach. Interactions of penguins and fur seal pups. Amazing to watch a leopard seal hunt and catch a penguin. Who knew that icebergs could be so amazing and fascinating. (Copied from Swoop Antarctica)

Ocean Victory Solar Eclipse


It is a very comfortable well appointed ship and thankfully very stable. I did have a problem with my cabin when after two days there was a loud, metallic banging noise which seemd to be from above and outside the porthole. I asked to be moved when it didnt get fixed and I went up from deck 3 to 4 and a very nice cabin with a window. Lucky me! The food was very good too. My only complaint was the lack of hot plates & often the 'hot' food was cold too, for breakfast/lunch up in the deck 8 restaurant. (Copied from Swoop Antarctica)

Ocean Victory Solar Eclipse


Well Antarctica was impressive with all its splendor.. it’s vastness, whiteness. And for a few of the coves we were able to get in. But South Georgia.. was the highlight with so much wildlife and the history. The museum in Grytviken and the church were also very interesting. All the penguins - thousands of them at a time was very overwhelming at times. And Malvinas was good to as we learned more about its history. (Copied from Swoop Antarctica)

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