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Vikingfjord Arctic Cruises

A 12 people expedition ship with great environmental credentials

A polar cruise on board the Vikingfjord

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What we love about the Vikingfjord

Its size: The ship sleeps 12 guests only making it a uniquely personalized experience

Observation Lounge: A spacious, L-shaped lounge at the stern with large windows provides spectacular views of the polar scenery, complete with comfortable seating, a mini bar, a coffee machine, and a TV for presentations.

Relaxation Facilities: Guests can unwind in the on-deck hot tub or sauna, both offering magnificent views from deck 3.

Adventure Ready: The ship is equipped with two Zodiac landing crafts for daily shore landings and cruises, guided by an experienced captain, crew, and expedition leaders.

Vikingfjord Exterior

We are proud to introduce the Vikingfjord, an exceptional ice-strengthened expedition ship designed for an intimate experience with only 12 guests. This state-of-the-art vessel seamlessly combines the comfort of a cruise ship with the cozy intimacy of a small yacht. Featuring 8 spacious ensuite cabins with modern decor, an open-plan lounge with rear-facing windows, a unique L-shaped observation lounge located in the bridge, an on-deck hot tub and sauna, and a sleek, light-filled Scandinavian design, Vikingfjord ensures a luxurious and memorable journey. The ship will navigate the breathtaking and remote shores of Svalbard and East Greenland (Scoresby Sund) during the Arctic seasons of 2024 and 2025, from April to October. With fully staffed, experienced captains, crew, and expedition leaders on board, every aspect of the voyage is meticulously planned and executed to provide the ultimate polar exploration experience.

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Amenities on board the Vikingfjord


Observation Lounge



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Food & Drinks on board the Vikingfjord

The dining experience aboard the Vikingfjord is a highlight, with the restaurant located on deck 1 offering comfortable seating for all 12 guests. The modern, light Scandinavian interior provides a relaxed atmosphere with bench-style seating across three tables. Guests can enjoy freshly prepared meals by the onboard chef while taking in the panoramic views through the windows on both sides of the restaurant. Additionally, a TV is available for presentations, enhancing the dining and educational experience.

Vikingfjord's take on sustainable traveling

The Vikingfjord stands out as the most environmentally friendly small ship in the polar regions, boasting a remarkable 95% reduction in NOX emissions. Rebuilt in 2023, it features a brand-new energy-efficient engine and NOX filter, underscoring its top-tier environmental credentials. This dedication to sustainability allows guests to explore the pristine Arctic with minimal impact, making the Vikingfjord a pioneer in eco-friendly expedition cruising.

Cabin Categories on board the Vikingfjord

Vikingfjord Double Penthouse
Signature Penthouse (Double)


Double/Matrimionial (convertible)

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Vikingfjord Single Room
Signature Single



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Vikingfjord double bathroom
Signature Twin/Double



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Small Ship
Cruising speed
10 knots
12 Guests
41.8 meters

Reviews of Vikingfjord

Photo Tour Atlas Review

Luca F.

Vikingfjord Arctic Cruises


WHEN REALITY SURPASSES DREAMS: I’ve joined a photo expedition in May 2023. What an amazing experience it has been! Probably one of the best investments I’ve ever made for my holidays. Everything worked marvelously, the weather, the expedition team (John and Mette are awesome), the cabin, the captain, the chef, the staff onboard, all very nice people offering high levels of customer service, extremely empathic. The tour exceeded the expectations by a long shot, we have seen bears 4 times, and witnessed a new hunting behaviour when the bear was chasing a reindeer and the legendary Florian was busy filming the scene. Not to mention the curious walruses swimming around us while at anchor… Wildlife at its best. Not a single day was like the previous one, I’ll remember every single one forever. Congratulations to all, highly recommended.

Secret Atlas Reviews

Steve L.

Vikingfjord Arctic Cruises


Out of this world experience: This was such an amazing trip. Everything was perfect. The guides, the crew, the boat, the food and best of all the extraordinary scenery. The light was so beautiful and we saw spectacular wildlife including 4 polar bears, walruses, arctic foxes. It was a holiday of a life time and I will always have such wonderful memories of Svalbard and its wildlife. Thank you.

Secret Atlas Review

Lucy S.

Vikingfjord Arctic Cruises


Life Will Never Be The Same: This trip has truly been one of the highlights of my life. A photographic micro expedition with only 10 people was exactly what I was looking for. I hated the thought of being on one of those huge cruise ships with hundreds of people in an ecologically sensitive area such as Svalbard. It’s obvious that Andy and Michele (the co-founders of “Secret Atlas”) have travelled extensively and are passionate about nature and the environment. They offer an alternative to the mundane and characterless glossy travel brochure trips that permeate the travel industry. We were extremely fortunate to have Florian Ledoux on board with us. As a renowned wildlife photographer he generously shared his time, knowledge, humour, photos, and background stories on the Polar Bears (that we actually got to see when out on the zodiacs.) He spent months in the Svalbard Arctic wilderness using his expert drone photography skills to film "Polar Bear" for Disney and we got to see the movie on board. I cannot commend the crew of the “Villa” highly enough. They bent over backwards to make our journey an unforgettable experience. Thank you to Captain Stig, Lina, Sophie, Marlene, Satu, Nick, and Thor. Special mention goes to Francoise for his exceptional culinary skills. Never in my life have I eaten so well ! No part of the ship was off limits so we got to spend time on the bridge with The Captain and crew and were even allowed to scale the Derrick! Our two guides Christian and Celena made our zodiac excursions adventurous, exciting and exhilarating as we never knew what was in store, but we did know we were in safe hands.Our excursions were made all the more interesting by Christian’s riveting story-telling based on his vast knowledge of historical facts, the environment and wildlife. My life has become all the more rich for having seen Polar Bears, Minke Whales, Walruses, Seals, Arctic Foxes, Reindeers and the incredible cliff face rookeries of Kittiwakes and Guillemots in their natural environment, all set against a backdrop of stunning Glaciers, Glacier calving and Icebergs. Everyone should do this trip as it is quite simply, amazing.

Secret Atlas Reviews

Grace D.

Vikingfjord Arctic Cruises


The whole trip was excellent. Exceeded my hopes. The signing up was easy. (although a few stumbles due to Covid). The crew on the ship were very capable and kind. The ship itself was comfortable. Our expedition leader , Chris, was exceptional. He was fun, accomodating and enthusiastic. Sylvia was also a great co -leader. The photographers, David and Florian were helpful and fun. The chef, Francois, outdid himself with some fine cuisine. As for the adventure -we saw Polar Bears, Reindeer, a fox, walrus, seals and Ptarmigan and some ducks. The scenery was amazing.

Vikingjord Reviews

Gintaras S.

Vikingfjord Arctic Cruises


Wonderful trip with nice crew and spectacular nature: Mind-blowing cruises on small expedition vessels. The weather was amazing, the sun has been shining for 8 days in a row, and the midnight sun is in itself a very powerful experience!

Viking Reviews


Vikingfjord Arctic Cruises


We got so close to nature and the North Pole: I did a trip around Svalbard in August and I have to say the Secret Atlas team did all beyond our expectations. This is the closest you can come to having a real adventure. We saw glaciers, seals, whales, walruses and polar bears! The captain and the guides went out of their way to give us the best experience. The food onboard was also great. I'm already saving up to go again!

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