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All the best deals and tips on going solo to Antartica or the Arctic

Limited time only: No solo supplement for these cruises!

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Alternatively, on all other tours, we offer the option for any traveler to share a cabin with another traveler, eliminating the need for a solo supplement.

However, if you prefer the privacy of your own cabin, we strive to find the best deals available, as single occupancy surcharges typically range from 50-70%. Furthermore, we frequently have special offers specifically tailored for solo travelers. Check out all our tours below, and inquire with us for more special deals!

When is the best time to get a supplement-free single cabin on a polar cruise?

An Antarctica Cruise with Polartours on board the G Expedition

There are polar cruises and polar expeditions all year round, because there are good reasons to travel to the Arctic and Antarctic at any time of year, so it’s always a good time to book a cruise for single travelers. Bear in mind, however, that Christmas, Easter and August are peak cruise travel times, so if you intend to visit the Arctic or Antarctic then, it is a good idea to book well in advance. As a rule, if you are planning a cruise trip as a solo traveler, make sure to book at least nine months in advance. Naturally, weather conditions will dictate the availability of certain kinds of polar cruises and expeditions. If you want to see polar bears, for example, it’s best to go from May to September, when the pack ice has melted, making certain regions more accessible. Or if you are planning on experiencing the aurora borealis, there is no better time than during the polar winter.

Given the wide variety of cruises for single travelers available all year round, choosing a polar cruise or expedition can be a daunting prospect. Why not get some help from someone “on the ground”? You can considerably simplify your search for cruises for solo travelers with no single supplement by enlisting expert help, which is available at your fingertips free of charge: get in touch with one of our friendly travel experts, who will be able to directly ask the captain or owner of the ship about cabin availability for solo travelers and get back to you. Send an e-mail or call today to clear up any doubts. There is no need to pay a single supplement on a polar cruise. You may get lucky and be able to grab a last-minute deal on a single occupancy cabin, after all, especially if you are not particular about exactly where your polar cruise is headed and are very flexible about your travel dates.

If sharing a cabin is not an option for you, and you prefer to secure your own cabin from the start, please keep in mind that most ships will charge a single supplement fee for you to occupy a solo cabin. This fee can be anywhere from a 50-100% surcharge.

By investing a little time making the right enquiries, you could end up on the adventure of a lifetime as a solo traveler on a polar cruise.

An Antarctica Cruise with Polartours on board the G Expedition

One of our top tips for solo travelers is to be open to the idea of sharing a twin cabin with another person of the same sex. Almost all the cruise ships in the Polartours fleet offer this option. Cabin space is more generous for anyone willing to share and the location on the ship is likely to be advantageous, for example above the waterline with a window or porthole. You may even be able to take advantage of an upgrade in ship class while paying no single supplement for your polar cruise.

For more information on single cabin availability or the options for cabin sharing on a polar cruise, e-mail or call one of our friendly travel experts today and we can start to plan your perfect solo polar cruise adventure.

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